The 7 Rules of Power Negotiation

Negotiating is a part of living; we do it all the time.  When you walk down a crowded street you negotiate the path you take. A couple negotiates their relationship before and during marriage.  Although you may not realise what’s happening, for example you take out the garbage tonight and I will do the dishes….

Negotiating and handling offers

AT EVERY property that’s open for inspection, agents will meet a range of buyers who will be in different stages of preparation to buy a home. Some are researching the neighbourhood, the street, the house and the price and trying to see what type of home they can get for their money. Even if they…

Negotiating is a learned skill

It would be fair to say I’ve lost count of the number of times people ask me about the secrets for a successful negotiation. And so, you might care to watch this short video … to gain a quick understanding of the three key elements which underpin every negotiation. Because, once you know how to…

Fatal Traps of Negotiating | Wayne Berry

As I work with sales people and sales managers I see some fatal mistakes being made as they negotiate. May I share some of these here with you now in the hope that their “learning experiences” will benefit you and remind you of the importance of not falling into these “traps”. Indeed, you may care…