Investment property how to get started

Who’s to blame for high interest rates?

At the moment bank bashing is al the rage and if it’s not the banks then it’s easy to blame the RBA and Governor Glenn Stevens. But is it really their fault that rates are rising. According to leading property commentator Michael Matusik – no it’s not! In his recent Matusik Missive, the leading commentator says:

Invest or repay extra into your home loan?

Many people are very focused on repaying their home loan. In fact, some people will put off borrowing any other funds (to invest) until their home loan balance is zero. Is that the best thing to do? Or is there some middle ground that may allow you to borrow to invest and repay your home…

Develop an Investment Comfort Zone

Most property investors recognise that you make your profits when you buy your property. The big question then becomes… How do you determine what I would call the ‘fair market value’ of a property or more importantly how do you know when you have the right investment property to buy? I suggest you initially focus…

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