Will the Budget's Infrastructure spending help our property markets?

A lot has been made of the Federal Government’s 10-year national infrastructure plan announced last week in the 2018 Budget. And as usual the hot spotters have been out saying chase the infrastructure spending and you’ll find the next growth area. Well…they’re not necessarily right. In the last week I’ve heard commentators say things like:…

The pain with trains lies mainly in the brains (or lack of them)

Unless you’ve been on holidays in some remote place over Christmas you’d have noticed that trains have been making the news a lot lately in south east Queensland. Mainly it’s because of the lack of them running, which it seems in turn is because there are not enough people to drive them. Much of which…

Infrastructure & population growth

Sadly an inevitable consequence of the internet age for investors has been a focus on shorter and shorter timeframes. While extra frequency of analysis can be interesting and fun, for most investors the best results will be secured by seeing the big picture and building a long term plan around it, particularly so in property…

Infrastructure unlocks suburban pockets

There are many factors that affect a suburbs value. Infrastructure is one of those. In his regular column on Switzer John McGrath takes a look at the relationship between new infrastructure and rising home values. Here’s what he said: In preparing this year’s McGrath Report, we wanted to look forward and consider the game-changing trends we expect to see…

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