Here's what an agent will charge to sell your home

What will an agent charge to sell your home?  While agents fees are deregulated, they tend to vary from state to state. According to an article in The Australian estate agents’ selling commissions are lowest in South Australia and highest in Tasmania which is Australia’s cheapest housing market. Now I’m not suggesting you chose your…

Build it and they will come

The followers of New Thought philosophy hold that we can actually bring wanted experiences and opportunities our way by feeling and believing that they have already arrived.  In other words, if we engage in a powerful combination of positive thought and belief we will achieve resonance with those experiences and opportunities we desire and “attract”…

How to get your property sold — fast

Has your property been on the market for a while and you’re not getting the interest you’d hoped for?  Or maybe you’re ready to move on from a underperforming investment, and don’t want your time wasted with a four-month sales campaign? When it comes to marketing your property, there are definitely some tactics you can…

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