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Viewpoints: do foreigners have more freedom to invest in Australia than in almost any other country?

Evidence suggests our foreign investment policy has changed over time, but to what end? asks… Jeffrey Wilson, Murdoch University and Gennadi Kazakevitch, Monash University Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently said: “China has more freedom to invest in Australia, indeed all foreigners have more freedom to invest in Australia, than almost any other country.” But is…

A bad day for foreign buyers

Yesterday was a bad day for foreign buyers interested in Melbourne real estate. Foreign buyers will have to pay more stamp duty on residential real estate, and higher land tax, under Victorian government reforms that could raise an extra $500 million over four years. Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas on Friday said next week’s budget will…

ANZ Bank closes doors on foreign property investors

ANZ Banking Group has made things much tougher for overseas buyers wanting to invest in Australian real estate using overseas funds. The bank will no longer accept loan applications based solely on foreign income and for borrowers seeking loans based on more than 50 per cent of foreign income, there are measures about the size and source of funding…