Why we don’t need to prepare young people for the ‘future of work’

Young people are the most vulnerable as industry and the labour market undergo radical change, but meeting this challenge could just be a matter of plugging existing gaps, writes… Shirley Jackson, University of Melbourne While there is little consensus about the “future of work”, one thing is certain – young people are at the coalface….

The Big Issues for 2018 | Part 3 - The disconnect between jobs and wages

Why is there a disconnect between jobs and wages? That’s a question asked in Commsec’s  “The Big Issues” report – which highlights the issues that are expected to influence our economy over the next 12 months. In their annual reports they have been discussing low inflation for a number of years…. And the trends over the past year have been especially…

Look where the new jobs in Australia are being created now

Northern Powerhouse. We all know that employment growth since the peak of the resources construction boom in 2012 has been all about Sydney and Melbourne. Until now! Queensland is suddenly off to the races, with trend employment growth blazing +4.62 per cent higher across the year to October, by far its strongest annual result since…

Sydney: stand by for full employment

There has been quite a bit of discussion about Sydney’s building boom of late, very little of it highlighting any positives. Such is life, but here’s the plus side for Sydney’s economy: New South Wales now has more job vacancies than any state has ever had in Australia’s history. Not all of the newly created…

Three charts on: who holds more than one job to make ends meet

We can expect to see a rise in part-time employed people using second jobs as a solution to insufficient hours in their main job, writes… Roger Wilkins, University of Melbourne Women who work in the arts or services industries, and who are young, are the ones most likely to be working more than one job…

The hollow promise of construction-led jobs and growth

The threat of a loss of jobs in the the industries that support construction reveals the problem in relying on building to sustain the economy, writes… Sally Weller, Australian Catholic University Any downturn in the construction industry could trigger job losses to a range of sectors that support the building industry, such as planning, project…

You're hired!

Hiring has improved significantly in 2017, particularly for full-time jobs, which will be a welcome relief for the Reserve Bank of Australia. Another sometimes useful indicator we can look at is the employment to population ratio, which is less volatile that many of other labour force estimates (since estimates of the resident population are also…

Full-time employment growth returns

Employment growth picks up Seasonally adjusted employment increased by +14,000 in June according to the ABS, with full-time employment soaring by an outlandish +62,000. Rather noisy monthly figures, of course, but full-time employment has now increased by +187,000 since September 2016, which represents a marked improvement. Total employment now sits at its highest ever level…

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