Brisbane market update

Brisbane Housing Market Update [video] | September 2018

The Brisbane housing market has remained relatively steady amidst the broader national downturn. Core Logic has released their newest housing market update for September 2018. Dwelling values were virtually unchanged at 0.1% growth over the past three months and they are up three tenths of a percent over the first eight months of the year. Housing…

Property Market Value trends | Brisbane

Here’s what’s happening in the Brisbane property market according to Corelogic’s Decile report. The report provides a detailed analysis at different levels of Australia’s property market by dividing the market into ten equal groups (or deciles) based on tiers of property value. By analysing changes in dwelling values across each decile, the report identifies which…

Prices float to top in flood-prone areas

It seems the 2011 Brisbane floods are becoming a distant memory which is sinking fast as house prices float to the top.  Analysis by RiskWise Property Research has shown in 19 of the 20 suburbs affected by floods, houses have out-performed the rest of the city. This equates to 95 per cent of the major…