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By Bryce Yardney

Property Development Process Visualised

Property Development involves a wide range of activities and processes from purchasing land, building and developing high rise apartment buildings and everything in between.

In order to be successful, you’ll need to educate yourself on property, the markets, economics, finance, town planning, the construction processes and the marketing of real estate projects.

Sound like a lot of work? construction

Well it is.

But with well-educated decisions-making, it's a rewarding venture.

We've noticed an emerging trend among budding investors - they want an overview of the property development process.

They're looking at getting into property development as a way of "manufacturing" capital growth and maximising their investment returns.

So we broke down our 19-Part Property Development Series into an easily-digestible seven-step graphic.

After you've understood the basics, have a read of our 19-part article series as well as our Team Series underneath.

Educating yourself on the rather complex and lengthy process of property development is a great starting point.

After all, you need to have an idea of your end game and the journey getting there before you can even begin searching for an appropriate property to purchase.

property development process

Want to know more?

The 19-Part Development Series


Read our in-depth 19-part Property Development Series and learn more about the property development process. This series delves into the details of each process including costs to consider, who you should be working with, helpful tips and plenty more.


Pre Purchase Stage



Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing



Town Planning and Development Approval 



Working Drawing and Documentation



Pre Construction




  • Part 17: Preparing the Site





The Team Series

Read more about the professionals you should have on your side. The Team Series highlights all the important professionals involved in a development project, their roles, and useful tips for finding the right person for your job.

About Bryce Yardney Bryce is a property development specialist, having successfully sourced, project managed and completed hundreds of development projects for Metropole’s clients, helping them create substantial wealth.
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