[Podcast] Why is Michael Yardney still working? | Learn the Money habits of the Rich

[Podcast] Why is Michael Yardney still working? | Learn the Money habits of the Rich

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Making money and creating wealth to achieve financial freedom is usually the reason why people invest in property.

This means that property is really just a vehicle for attaining money and that's one of the reasons today’s show is about money.

I'm going to break up today's show into three parts.

If you're like many listeners of my podcast you may wonder why I’m still working.

Well today I break that down for you and share some insights into what makes my mind tick.

Then I  share Jim Rohn’s wisdom on changing your life, and Tom Corley is here to talk about the money habits of the rich.

Why Is Michael Yardney Still Working?

  1. Yes I am truly financially free, owning a substantial property portfolio across a number of sectors. I’ve built a Cash Machine that gives Pam and me real choices in life.  my-feature-img-1
  2. I don’t have to work, but I still really enjoy what I do.
  3. Enthusiasm is the reason successful people keep doing what they do. They have developed an intense enthusiasm for what they have been doing which results in being successful.
  4. I still enjoy putting deals together, bidding at auctions, the psychology of negotiating, teaching and putting training programs together, and passing my knowledge forward. And I am still unashamedly enthusiastic about making money. I enjoy passing it on to future generations and contributing significantly to charity.
  5. I’m very grateful for what I’ve got, and I believe that it is my obligation to repay the world.  That is why I spend so much time writing, educating, and putting together this podcast. These activities are the least “profitable”, but the most rewarding things I do.

You Can’t Change a Season, But You Can Change Yourself:

  1. My mentor Jim Rohn believed in the power of choice and attitude. It’s up to you to decide and determine your life through your attitude and choices.
  2. Life is full of seasons, and you need to learn how to handle the winters. You must learn how to handle difficulties, because they come after opportunities. Get stronger, wiser, and better.

Learn the Money Habits of the Rich with Tom Corley:

  1. Habits are repetitive behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, or emotions. Money Savers
  2. 40% of our daily activities are habits. We are where we are because of our habits.
  3. Habits are a reflection of our lives. If you have a great life, you have more good habits than bad habits. Such as…
  4. Live below our means. Spend less than you make and save and invest the difference.
  5. Don’t gamble. Gambling is a tax on poor people.
  6. Reading is about learning, and learning is about growth. We need to grow into the person we need to be in order to be successful. Knowledge opens our eyes to opportunity. History exposes mistakes of the past.
  7. Rich people don’t waste time watching TV and surfing the Internet.

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Our favourite show quotes:

“I spend all day talking about property while drinking coffee and dealing with nice people. Why wouldn’t I still be working?” Michael Yardney Business 1031754 1920 (1)

“If you are doing something that you don’t have an intense enthusiasm for the likelihood of success is slim indeed.” Michael Yardney

“Everybody has the capacity for intense enthusiasm, you’ve just got to find the right outlet for it.” Michael Yardney

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