[Podcast] Where are our property markets heading – John Lindeman | How to choose a selling agent

[Podcast] Where are our property markets heading – John Lindeman | How to choose a selling agent

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What will the property markets be doing for the rest of 2019?

And what can we expect to happen in future years? 

In today’s episode, I’ll be asking those questions of property researcher John Lindeman who joins us to talk about why he disagrees with many of the so-called experts predicting long-lasting house price falls and what he bases his analysis on. My Podcast 76–heres Whats Ahead

During today’s mindset moment, we’ll talk about winners and losers and what one of the big differences is between them.

It’s probably not what you think.

Finally, I’ll have a chat with Adam Nobel, a top selling agent in Brisbane, about how to choose a selling agent to sell your property.

Understanding how selling agents work can help you whether or not you’re in the market to sell right now.

Some of the questions I asked John Lindeman

  1. Many so-called experts are predicting  long-lasting house price falls - as much as up to a further 25 to 30% in the next few years, but reading your commentary I see you don’t agree. Why is that?
    John's answer: After looking at all the indicators that have caused booms and busts to occur, what we’re looking at right now is not similar to the indicators that have caused large crashes in the past. Future Sydney Scenarios
  2. Most experts make their housing predictions based on past performance because they believe the market will continue to perform in the future test in the past, but you have a different view. What are your forecasts based on?
    John's answer: Past performance can tell us a lot, but you also need to know what the main indicators are. You can use those to predict what’s going to happen.
  3. In a recent blog you made property forecasting easy – you boil it down to a simple equation. Could you please go through that with us?
    John's answer: D
    emand is up (300,000 new residence from overseas and other states arrive in Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne each year) + Supply is down (housing investor finance fell and new dwelling approvals plunged) = Rental Crisis
  4. What happened in previous cycles we got to the stage where Capital growth slowed down or stopped?
  5. What do you see happening to our property markets moving forwards?

Highlights from the conversation with Adam Nobel

  • Why choosing the right selling agent is important
  • The highest profile agent isn’t always the right choice for your property
  • What kind of research to do when looking for selling agents
  • Why selling agents need to be local experts
  • How to mystery shop agents

Links and Resources:

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show: Idea

”I’ve found that in general, people fall into one of two groups: those who make excuses and those who don’t.” –Michael Yardney

“When you wake up in the morning, you get to choose which route you take.” –Michael Yardney

“You’d be surprised how much more the right agent can get for your home – or put the other way, how much the wrong selling agent could cost you.” –Michael Yardney


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