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[Podcast] What Australia Will Look Like in 40 Years & Why You Should Care, with Simon Kuestenmacher

[Podcast] What Australia Will Look Like in 40 Years & Why You Should Care, with Simon Kuestenmacher
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What will Australia look like in 40 years’ time?

Treasurer Jim Chalmers handed down the latest Intergenerational Report a short while ago. My Podcast 503 What’s Ahead Forecasts Simon Kuestenmacher 05

This report from the federal government predicts what the country will look like in 40 years and the state of the nation’s finances.

Today’s conversation with Simon Kuestenmacher revolves around the report, which predicts a population of around 41 million by 2063, with a significantly older demographic due to increased life expectancy.

Simon and I discuss what the report has to say about our future and whether or not to believe everything in it.

Listen as we cover future trends in migration, technology and innovation, and mining.

Whether you're a property investor, business owner, or an employee, it’s important to understand what’s ahead for our country.

Understanding Australia's Future through the Intergenerational Report

Australia's Intergenerational Report envisions the country's future demographic and economic landscape.

Together, Simon and I unpack predictions for Australia 40 years from now, exploring significant themes such as population growth, an aging demographic, migration, and the interplay of economy and innovation.

  • Australia's Intergenerational Report and predictions for the country's future in 40 years
    • The report projects a population of around 41 million people. People
  • The implications of an aging demographic
    • The importance of having sufficient human labour to cater to the growing number of people requiring age care.
  • The significant role migration will play in Australia's future population growth.
  • How the Australian economy can leverage the productivity gains of technology and innovation.
  • How climate change will impact Australia's society and economy
    • The importance of effective water management in light of increasing extreme weather events.
  • The bright future of Australia's economy
    • The key roles of mining and agricultural exports, international education, and tourism.
  • The potential economic influx from the growing Asian middle class and the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.
  • Australia's strengths include political stability and abundant natural resources. Brisbane

From the projected population to the implications of an aging demographic, the episode presents a comprehensive analysis of Australia's Intergenerational Report and what Australia's future landscape might look like.

Key insights into the significant factors that will play in shaping this future will help you navigate coming changes and find your role in it.

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Simon Kuestenmacher – Director, The Demographics Group

Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“Optimists do much, much better than pessimists in this world, so that's good.” – Michael Yardney

“I think what you're showing us is that the future is bright and a lot of the things we worried about a couple of years ago just haven't happened. Life goes on.” – Michael Yardney

“Envy is the gateway to pessimism. So if you're struggling with pessimism, start by expressing gratitude every day for things that you have, things that are going your way.” – Michael Yardney


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