[Podcast] This is a Major Demographic Change all Investors must Understand | Will Mortgage Stress Cause a Property Market Meltdown?

[Podcast] This is a Major Demographic Change all Investors must Understand | Will Mortgage Stress Cause a Property Market Meltdown?

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To become a successful as an investor you need to own the type of property that’s going to be in strong demand not just now, but in the future as well.

So on this week’s show I’m going to discuss a coming demographic change will affect the kinds of properties that will be in demand going forward.

I’ll also share a mindset moment and explain why you need a guide to take you to the top of the mountain. My Podcast 64 Demographic Shift V2

And then, I’ll have a chat with Pete Wargent about household finance and mortgage stress.

There is a lot of concern that mortgage stress will cause a property market meltdown.

The good news is that this story will finish with a happy ending.

A major demographic change all investors must understand

  • For a long time, Baby Boomers have driven the property markets, because there were so many more of them than the previous generation 
  • Now, Gen Ys are beginning to shape the property markets city family urban suburb
  • The population growth in the 20-34-year-old age group has increased rapidly. There are now 5,5 million Australians (35% of our workforce) aged between 24-38.
  • The Gen Y population growth is based on both the natural aging of the children of Baby Boomers and the strong overseas migration
  • Gen Ys are now forming families and moving into homes
  • Gen Ys prefer different homes from their parents. Rather than large houses in the suburbs, they prefer townhouses, family-friendly apartments, and smaller detached houses
  • Gen Ys will seek affordable, smaller homes located closer to the locations where they want to be
  • Gen Ys are looking for walkability, adjacency to parks, and access to public transport

Will Mortgage Stress cause a property market meltdown?

  • There’s no chance that 1,000,000 people will default on their mortgage in the next year like some of the property pessimists are predicting
  • Only a very small share of loans are 90+ days delinquent
  • There are more delinquencies in Western Australia because of the economic downturn
  • In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, mortgage arrears are very low
  • Mortgage arrears for investor loans is even lower than that for home loans

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show: expert leader

“Guides make all mountaintops attainable. And the same goes for success, and for building wealth.” – Michael Yardney

“Why on earth would you try to figure out everything on your own when you can learn from someone who came before you?” – Michael Yardney

“People have been talking about recession for as long as I’ve been commentating on markets.” – Pete Wargent


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