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[Podcast] They’re coming for you! Will the government change negative gearing and CGT, with Mike Mortlock

[Podcast] They’re coming for you! Will the government change negative gearing and CGT, with Mike Mortlock
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Today I’m going to discuss several topics of interest for property investors with Mike Mortlock, the Managing Director of MCG Quantity Surveyors. My Podcast #562 Mike Mortlock

Mike's team has recently released a report titled 'Rising Tide of Unit Rents Closes Gap with Houses in Major Capitals' that sheds light on some transformative trends and provides an understanding of the shifts in housing affordability and renter preferences.

We also talk about the growing concern that the government may look at changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax before the next election and discuss the other side of the equation, about the important role property investors, play in our housing markets.

A strategic approach to Australia's evolving property market

Throughout this episode, Mike Mortlock shares his insights on the impact of government policy, the truth behind negative gearing myths, and the significance of strategic property investing. Property Market

  • Mike Mortlock’s election as a new board member of PIPA, the Property Investment Professionals Australia
  • Mike’s firm, Managing Director of MCG Quantity Surveyors, released a report called Rising Tide of Unit Rents
    • They found growth in house rents didn’t compete with the growth in unit rents
    • How this affects established apartments
  • The uptick in immigration resulted in more residents who will rent for at least 3-5 years
  • The importance of understanding strata fees
  • The trend of blaming investors for societal problems
  • Potential government policy changes regarding negative gearing and capital gains tax
  • The decline in popularity of property units Cgt2
  • Structural integrity issues and their impact on investor confidence
  • Misconceptions about negative gearing and its historical role across asset classes
  • The vital role of property investors in supplying private rental accommodations
  • The financial contributions of investors and the implications for government pensions

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

“The property cycle will move on. It always does. New units will be developed, and eventually, prices are going to go up significantly.” – Michael Yardney

“At the moment investors are a little wary, but at Metropole so far this year we noticed more and more investors are wanting to get into the market, recognising that at some stage interest rates are going to fall.” – Michael Yardney

“In other words, avoid the pitfalls such as multitasking, relying on prioritised to-do lists, thinking too small, misunderstanding willpower and discipline, and neglecting your personal life.” – Michael Yardney


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