[Podcast] Success Habits Of The Rich – Part 4 | RICH HABITS, POOR HABITS Podcast

[Podcast] Success Habits Of The Rich – Part 4 | RICH HABITS, POOR HABITS Podcast

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Our subconscious never sleeps, it keeps working tirelessly day in and day out.

It’s the seat of our emotions and our memory and it responds to our beliefs.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today.

There’s something in your brain called the reticular activating system that acts as a data filter.

Rich Habits poor Habits Podcast 12

Our brains are constantly bombarded with millions of bits of information, and this system eliminates most of those, allowing in only the sounds it’s preprogrammed to allow in.

What I’m trying to show you in these sessions, is that some of the habits we have are engrained in the subconscious.

We all have empowering and disempowering habits.

In today’s show, I want to go through with you the habits that differentiate between the successful people and the average person so you can learn to work on developing habits that will help you on your way to success.

Success Habits of the Rich

  • Successful people don’t believe in or wait for fate, destiny, chance or luck to determine or shape their future. They believe in and are committed to actively and consciously creating their own best life. 
  • The poor think about money emotionally, while the rich think about money logically.
  • Successful people have a plan for their lives and work methodically at turning that plan into a reality. Their lives are not a blundering series of unplanned events and outcomes.
  • The poor often think that rich people are dishonest, while successful people know that rich people are ambitious.
  • While the poor believe money is the root of all evil, wealthy people know that poverty is the root of all evil.
  • The poor believe money changes people. The rich understand that money reveals people.
  • The poor are worried that if they become rich they will lose their friends. The Rich believe being wealthy will expand their network.
  • Successful people are resilient. When most would throw in the towel, they’re just warming up.
  • The poor believe their thinking is unrelated to their net worth. Successful people know their mindset is critical to their results.
  • Many people believe you have to be educated and smart to be rich. Successful people know intelligence has little to do with getting rich, but know they have to be financially fluent.

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Rich Habits Poor Habits

Some of our favourite quotes from the show: Rich Habits

“People sabotage themselves and they don’t get rich because they have these feelings that the rich are ugly greedy bad people, and that’s not necessarily the case.” –Michael Yardney

“If you can change your habits, you’re going to change your life.” –Michael Yardney

“Your mindset is critical to your results in life, in all areas of your life, including money.” –Michael Yardney


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