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[Podcast] Rich habits for real estate success: Tom Corley’s approach

[Podcast] Rich habits for real estate success: Tom Corley’s approach
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In today’s episode of the Michael Yardney podcast, I explore the power of positivity in wealth creation together with Tom Corley, the co-author of my international best-selling book, Rich Habits, Poor Habits. My Podcast 539 Tom Corley

We’ll be dissecting Tom’s blog post "Don't Let Others Infect You With Their Negativity," and discussing how a positive mindset is about more than just feeling good – it’s an important factor in successfully investing in property and building wealth.

We’ll also talk about how you can apply Tom’s principles to your own property investment and wealth journey.

Tom Corley on the Power of Positive Thinking for Wealth-Building Success

How does the power of positive thinking shape your financial destiny?

What is the connection between health, wealth, and optimism?

Today, Tom and I discuss these topics and touch on strategies to maintain a positive outlook in the face of adversity and negativity.

  • Tom’s research showed him that wealthy people had a habitually positive outlook, while poor people had a habitually negative outlook
    • How upbringing and parental influence shape one's belief system towards wealth and success
      • When parents instilled in their children they could be anything they wanted to be, they developed a positive outlook that led to success.
    • The influence of Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People and how it led to Tom’s wealth research
    • How negativity spreads through a social network
      • Successful people tend to surround themselves with cheerleaders and eliminate the naysayers
    • It also helps to eliminate negative content and surround yourself with as much positive content as possible
    • The impact of a positive or negative mindset on you internally, including how it affects your health
      • The correlation between maintaining good health and maximizing lucrative years in one's career
    • John D. Rockefeller’s optimism and its effects on his lifespan, health, and success
    • Studies showing the parts of the brain affected by negativity and positivity
      • A positive mindset can actually increase brain size
    • Overcoming challenges related to outside issues, such as geopolitical struggles or economic problems
      • The value of having a positive saying or mantra to combat external negativity

Cultivating a positive outlook is not just beneficial for one's emotional well-being, but it is also a strategic component in achieving financial success and creating wealth.

Hopefully, our conversation today provides you with actionable insights and reinforces the message that it's never too late to shift perspective and embrace a more optimistic approach to life and finances.

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“It's very hard to become successful in business or investing with a negative attitude.” – Michael Yardney

“How you think affects the way you behave, and your habits affect your results.” – Michael Yardney

“Things can change in an instant. Think about it. What's happening now won't go on forever. A chapter in your life is not the whole story.” – Michael Yardney


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