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[Podcast] Reshaping Australian Cities for a Sustainable Future with Simon Kuestenmacher

[Podcast] Reshaping Australian Cities for a Sustainable Future with Simon Kuestenmacher
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It’s taken 200 years for Australia to reach the size we know today.

Will we double that in just 60 years? My Podcast 480 Simon Kuestenmacher 05

It’s hard to imagine, but in this podcast episode, demographic expert Simon Kuenstenmacher explores Australia's possible population doubling in the next six decades and the impact on cities and property demand.

In our chat today, we talk about the future of Australian cities, the importance of medium-density housing, and investment in Australia's changing property market.

Is this growth sustainable?

How do we keep our lifestyle standards in the face of these changes?

And if you're interested in property investment these trends will be essential for you to understand.

How to navigate Australia’s changing demographics

My guest, Simon Kuestenmacher, wrote a thought-provoking article for the New Daily in which he explained how Australian cities will have to change to move forward. Demographics

We’re going to delve into some of the historical facts that shaped our cities in the past, some of the challenges we're currently facing, and the innovative solutions that could redefine urban living in Australia.

Highlights of my chat with Simon:

  • The historical events that shaped Australian cities
    • The end of WWII
    • The birth of the Baby Boomers
    • Changes in cuisine
    • The wave of migration in the 50s
    • Cars becoming the new norm Immigration4
    • Women entering the workforce
  • The changing shape of the CBDs
  • Exploring the potential for Australia's population to double in the next 60 years
  • The ages of the migrants coming to Australia
  • The necessity of constructing medium-density housing to curb traffic issues and develop efficient infrastructure
  • Comparing the low densities of Australian cities to those globally
  • What makes migration so important
  • The impact of demographic changes on Australian cities and property demand
  • Importance of understanding these changes for investing in properties with long-term demand Immigration5

With the population set to double in the next 60 years, understanding these demographic shifts is crucial for making informed property investment decisions.

Professional property advice from Metropole can be invaluable to navigate this evolving landscape.

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Simon Kuestenmacher - Director of The Demographics Group

Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“Well, I remember how in the inner suburbs there used to be the small working-class cottages and you can still see them today.” – Michael Yardney

“I would argue, be careful what you wish for if you say you don’t want immigration - somebody's going to have to pay for the healthcare.” – Michael Yardney

“You enter this third realm of happiness by devoting your time to creative endeavours, by being of service, by being altruistic.” – Michael Yardney


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