[Podcast] My Property Predictions for 2030

[Podcast] My Property Predictions for 2030

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How will Australia’s property markets change over the next decade?

My 101

Where will our property markets be in 10 years’ time?

What will they look like and what are the major factors that affect our property markets over that time?

Now they are some good questions – aren’t they?

Listen as Ahmad Imam and I discuss what we expect to happen to Australian property in the next decade

You’ll hear us discuss...

  1. The major trends that will affect our property markets over the next decade including:
  • Demographic trends
      • Population growth – household formation
      • How we want to live Your Future
      • Where we want to live
  • Economic trends
    • We’re transitioning from a manufacturing country and a resource-led economy to an economy based on service industries
    • What will this do to where job growth will occur – wages growth will occur – obviously affect housing
  1. How we’re going to invest in a lower inflationary and wages growth environment
  2. How the forecast strong population growth will affect us – it’s not all good news – there certainly are some challenges ahead
  • Population growth and the wealth of the nation will underpin property values – we need both.
  • Over the last year, the annual growth in Australia was estimated to be almost 400,000 people.
  • Around 60% of this growth is due to immigration, but now there are moves to reduce the cap on Australia’s permanent migrant intake to 160,000 per annum, but the overall pace of net overseas migration is faster than this, partly accounted for by international students.
  • What are the implications of these changes and where all these people are moving to? Michaelyardney Wealth Retreat2019 268x243 Mina
  1. Why population growth alone won’t create economic growth, and what is really needed.
  2. A big demographic trend that will shape our property markets, but doesn’t seem to be mentioned much.
  • Our ageing population means we have more one and 2 people households, meaning the type of property that will be in continuous strong demand will be different in the future with more people trading backyards for courtyards and balconies. More single older people, more DINK’s, more empty nesters, more young singles getting married later.
  • Smaller average household size means we need more dwellings for the same number of people
  1. Where the best investment opportunities will be over the next decade and why. - You’ll have to watch the video to get my recommendations.

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You can also watch the video of this recording here - My Property Predictions for 2030

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show: Planing Strategy Future

”If you came back to Australia after a decade of visiting overseas ten years ago, you wouldn’t recognize the shape of our cities.” –Michael Yardney

“Fortunately, we’re creating more jobs – more importantly, full-time jobs – and our unemployment rate’s dropping.” –Michael Yardney

“Town planning regulations are going to need to change to allow us to build more appropriate accommodations – more townhouses, more medium-density, low-rise density accommodation.” –Michael Yardney


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