[Podcast] Invest your time like it was money

[Podcast] Invest your time like it was money

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Time is More Valuable than Money.

Most people look at their bank accounts with great attention and assess how much money they have to spend, to invest, and to give away… ... dream-clock-time-business-man-life-motivation-happy-dream

In fact, time is much more valuable than money because you can use your time to make money, but you can't use money to purchase more time.

In today’s show, I chat with my good friend Louise Bedford about time management and investing your time like it is money.

People say that time is like money, but I’ve found that when I invest money I make more.

I have never found a way to get my time back.

That is why today, we are teaching a different concept of time management.

How to Invest Your Time Like it Is Money:

  • Transforming your relationship with time so that you have more focus and balance and are able to get more done.
  • How time is the one thing that we don’t get a second chance at.
  • How not all time is created equal. We need to leverage our time and do things in a smart way to become wealthy. Beautiful Businesswomen Checking The Time
  • Pretend you are going on holiday tomorrow and do what needs to get done.
  • The importance of having integrity with our time. How women give, give, give, and their energy reserves get depleted.
  • Putting your own goals and prosperity above everybody else's goals.
  • Letting emergencies get in the way of your personal projects.
  • Looking for time leaks, so that you can have the outcome that you want.
  • Having a focus day  where you isolate yourself from the world and focus on one core skill. Not letting distractions eat up your goal.
  • Not having time shouldn’t be an excuse. You should say it is just not a priority anymore.
  • How 20% of your time produces 80% of your results. The sweet spot of time that produces results.
  • How most people have no idea what their A, B, and C activities are and don’t know how to structure their time.
  • Leveraging your time and systems instead of increasing your hours. Traveler Walking Balance Over Top Of Wooden Construction
  • Getting into the level of genius and not getting overwhelmed with low-level activities.
  • Structure your days to use your time more effectively.
  • Upgrading your time is the wealthy solution. Trading time for dollars is the non-wealthy solution.
  • Learning to structure your time to have fun, so you can work less for a longer amount of time and years.
  • Delegating and dumping the D activities.
  • Finding where you are wasting time. Tracking your activities and finding the time bandits.
  • If it is not earning you money, creating pleasure, or giving back to your family or community then why are you doing it.
  • Concentrating on one thing at a time and setting specific goals to manage your time.
  • Not assigning too many tasks for one day, or using an electronic to do list which will automatically assign them to the next day.
  • Getting the unpleasant tasks out of the way first thing. As long as they are important. Eat That Frog.
  • Delegate. Don’t do it. It takes practice to do what you need to do. Find the bottlenecks. Write down where the holdup is and then take action.  36308275_l
  • Becoming accountable to somebody. Having mentors, business coaches, and being part of mastermind group.
  • Setting your phone for 20 minutes and trying to complete a 25 minute task.
  • Giving your family undivided attention.
  • Michael Yardney’s Guide to Getting Rich and the habits and thought processes for the rich. Getting a money education.
  • Any problem that money can solve isn’t a problem.
  • Ask what the most productive and profitable use of your time is? Ask what the payoff is?
  • How Michael has made more from saying no to things. Asking what your state of mind is?

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“Sometimes it’s not about managing our time, but managing our priorities to achieve more.” Louise Bedford

“You have to put yourself and your time above everyone else’s time.” Louise Bedford  People 2566433 1920

“Having time integrity means that you are honoring commitments to yourself.” Louise Bedford

“It’s important to know what is important. A lot of things are urgent, but are they important?” Michael Yardney

“Working harder won’t always give you the results that you want.” Michael Yardney

“Most professionals seek to increase their income by increasing their hours as opposed to leveraging their time.” Michael Yardney

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