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[Podcast] 7 Lessons from Australia’s $26Billion Man with Tyron Hyde

[Podcast] 7 Lessons from Australia’s $26Billion Man with Tyron Hyde
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Would you like to learn the property investment secrets of Australia’s richest property investor?

Well, today we’ll explore the powerful strategies that fueled Harry Triguboff's ascent to billionaire status, as we learn seven lessons from the $26 billion man who is regularly number one or number two on Australia’s wealthiest person list. My Podcast 568 Lessons Tyron Hyde

My guest, Tyrone Hyde, director of Washington Brown, has saved Harry billions of dollars over the last 27 years so I’m keen to hear the lessons he’s learned working closely with this successful investor.

I hope you’ll get some hints on becoming a more successful investor in today’s chat.

Climbing the property ladder with Harry Triguboff's secrets

In this episode, Tyrone Hyde, a seasoned quantity surveyor from Washington Brown, will share the property investment secrets that catapulted Harry Triguboff to the industry's peak. Businessman Climbing The Steps To Success Hzuqufe

Join us as we dissect the strategies, principles, and mindset that can revolutionize your approach to building a property empire and learn how to navigate the complex terrain of the real estate market with billionaire wisdom.

  • The backstory behind Tyrone Hyde and his company, Washington Brown
  • How Tyrone got to know Harry Triguboff
  • Harry Triguboff's 7 lessons
    • Be Part of the 1% Club
      • Continuously seek knowledge and make small, consistent improvements that compound over time to drive success.
    • Keep It Simple (KISS Principle)
      • Focus on what you know best and only diversify a little. Stick to a simple strategy and perfect it, as complexity can lead to unnecessary complications.
    • Have Systems in Place
      • Implement robust systems and procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in property investment. This helps in managing costs and tracking project progress. Conceptual Image Of Business Success Forecast Grow
    • Breed Loyalty
      • Build and maintain strong, loyal relationships with your team and partners. Loyalty can lead to long-term collaboration and success in the property market.
    • Follow the Leader
      • Instead of following the crowd, observe and emulate successful industry leaders who can influence positive changes in the market.
    • Cash Is King
      • Maintain liquidity and be patient. Cash reserves allow for taking advantage of opportunities during downturns.
    • Understand Market Cycles
      • Recognize that the property market is cyclical. Buying during downturns and holding properties can yield significant benefits as the market recovers.

The episode provides a fascinating look at the practices and mindset of one of the most successful property investors in Australia.

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“You're calling it a system. I'd call it a strategy because most investors  get involved emotionally and that's the wrong way. So, you really should know what you're doing.” – Michael Yardney

“Pioneers get arrows in their back, so you've got to be careful of who you follow.” – Michael Yardney

“The best way to reflect on your failures is to focus on the lessons that you've learned and the persons you're going to become, rather than spending your time trying to avoid failure.” – Michael Yardney


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