How much are you prepared to spend on decorating your home?


You’ve seen a lot of those four walls lately, haven’t you?

You know…the place you call home. Interior, Modern Kitchen

Perhaps you’ve even started working – or job-searching – from your kitchen, living room, or study.

But how much are you prepared to spend to make it look just right?

Maybe more than ever.

Everybody seems to be decorating, don’t they?

Just look how shares in home furnishing outlets are soaring!

And with professional interior designers and contractors barred from crossing the threshold, homeowners around the world have taken home improvements into their own hands.

But every culture has its own interior styles – and home décor spending varies wildly from country to country.

01 Home Design Spend World Map

Household Quotes discovered which countries around the world spend the most and least on interior design, in absolute terms and relative to local wages, and Australia is high up on the list.

India is the biggest spender compared to income, but Hong Kong is the world’s number two big-spender per capita outside of Europe.

The average resident of Hong Kong spends $1,154.36 per year on renovations, which equates to 32.60% of one monthly paycheque.

Space is at a premium in Hong Kong, but residents enjoy very high salaries

This means that many professionals can afford to pay for professional interior designers or invest in bespoke space-saving furniture and partitions.

08 Home Design Spend Asia Oceania Map

Designing an interior you’ll love is not just about splashing money.

It takes inspiration and resourcefulness – as well as knowing what features to splash on and when to tighten your belt.

After all, people in every part of the world have home décor that makes them happy. Why not start by scouring Instagram for new design trends popping up in unusual places?

Check the following interactive table to see which countries spend the most on Interior Design and how they spend it.


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Steffi Sendecki is a Property Strategist at Metropole with a background in Wealth Management assisting high-net-worth individuals and families achieve their financial and lifestyle goals through the provision of strategic investment advice.

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