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By Your Investment Property Magazine

How does your portfolio compare to the average investor?

A new study has revealed the average number of investment properties currently held by Australian investors.

So how do you stack up?

With Sydney’s boom over and many Australian property market cycles starting to slow, many investors want to know where they stand compared to their fellow property owners. 17034015_l

The recent Property Investor Sentiment Survey aims to reveal just that.

Conducted in collaboration with Michael Yardney’s Property Update and Your Investment Property, the survey shows that on the average, Australian investors own 3.38 properties.

Around 28% of the 2,250-plus respondents said they had 5-10 properties, suggesting that a decent proportion of these property investors are already well on their way towards building sizeable portfolios.

These ownership insights,– Australia’s longest-running and largest survey of Australian property investor sentiment – also reveal that 39% of investors own just one or two investment properties.

The total ownership results of our readers are as follows:

Investment property ownership

Interestingly, the current restrictions on loans are making it tricky for investors to broaden their portfolios, with 35% of respondents admitting that the challenge of obtaining a loan is a major deterrent to buying property.

Affordability is another factor, with almost 400 respondents indicating that they lack the deposit or equity to invest further.

finance is an issue

The 2017 Property Investor Sentiment Survey showcases insights from 2250 property investors and would-be investors across the country.

Running since 2011, it offers rich and vibrant insights into how property consumer trends and sentiments have changed over time.

Click here and download the full survey results

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