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By Michael Yardney

Even More Success Habits of the Rich

How successful are you?

I've remember last year at our 5 day high end event Wealth Retreat  I spent intensive time with 50 successful investors, business people and entrepreneurs as we set ourselves some audacious goals for the future.

Part of the process of planning for the future was looking at the past.

So please let me ask you some questions I asked them:

Do you feel as though you accomplished what you wanted over the last few years?

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Where did you fall short?

And perhaps most importantly, how can you make the next year even more successful?

Some of those answers, of course, depend on how you define success.

Like many, I grew up equating money and power with success, and for a time, that framed my definition.

But as I've matured, that has changed.

You see, success is a very personal thing.

Over 30 years ago I began my study of rich and successful people

I’ve found the rich and successful share similar habits.

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve shared:


I’m about to share another 25 success habits of the Rich that help them become rich in a moment, but first let me give you some background.

You see…

Over the last decade I’ve mentored over 2,500 successful (and some not so successful) investors, business people and entrepreneurs.

In fact, a byproduct of this is my best selling book – Michael Yardney’s Guide to Getting Rich.

In it I explain being rich has little to do with the money itself.

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I’ve come to realise that most people have an attitude toward money and a general mindset that simply won’t allow them to reach the next level of wealth.

The way they think is the greatest roadblock on their journey to financial freedom.

This would suggest that if you re-program your inner dialogue to reflect the way rich people think, you will be moving in their right direction to achieving your own financial success.

It’s not just what you think that makes you rich.

It’s also what you do – your behaviour, the actions you take or choose not to take.

Interestingly, 40% of all of your daily activities are habits, which means 40% of the time you’re on auto pilot, every day.

And these habits – the way you run your life - are the reason you’re rich, poor or stuck in the middle-class.

They are the reason you live in the house of your dreams or a hovel.

So let’s look at 25 More Success Habits Of The Rich

  1. The poor teach their children about money by example.
    Interestingly the Rich do the same thing
  2. Successful people are innovate rather than imitate.
  3. The poor believe the rich should support the poor.
    The Rich believe in self-reliance.
  4. Successful people consistently do what they need to do, irrespective of how they are feeling on a given day.
    They don’t spend their life stopping and starting.
  5. The poor believe you have to have money to make money.habit routine success business man pet hamster daily exercise work job life psychology
    The Rich know you can use other people’s money to become rich.
  6. Successful people deal with problems and challenges quickly and effectively, they don’t put their head in the sand.
    They face their challenges and use them to improve themselves.
  7. The poor hand down their limiting beliefs about money to their children.
    The Rich hand down their empowering beliefs about money to their children.
  8. Successful people have clarity and certainty about what they want (and don’t want) for their life.
    They actually visualise and plan their best reality while others are merely spectators of life.
  9. The poor teach their children how to survive. The Rich teach their children how to become wealthy.
  10. Successful people don’t believe in, or wait for fate, destiny, chance or luck to determine or shape their future.
    They believe in, and are committed to actively and consciously creating their own best life.
  11.  The poor teach their children to be happy with what they have.
    The Rich teach their children to follow their dreams and aim for the stars.
  12. Successful people are more effective than most at managing their emotions.
    They feel like we all do but they are not slaves to their emotions.
  13.  The poor minimize the importance of money with their children.
    The Rich teach their children the importance of money.
  14.  Successful people are good communicators and they consciously work at it.
  15. The poor tend to think short term, while the Rich think long-term.
  16. Successful people are secure.
    They do not derive their sense of worth of self from what they own, who they know, where they live or what they look like.
  17.  Most people think their education finishes when they leave school and would rather be entertained than educated.psychology help step direction guide walk business mentor question path journey success startsucc
    The Rich continually learn and grow.
  18. Successful people are generous. They take pleasure in helping others achieve.
  19. Successful people tend to be humble and they are happy to admit mistakes and to apologise.
    They are confident in their ability, but not arrogant. They are happy to learn from others.
    They are happy to make others look good rather than seek their own personal glory.
  20.  The poor don’t believe in personal development.
    The Rich know that their personal wealth can’t grow faster than their personal growth.
  21. Successful people are happy to swim against the tide, to do what most won’t.
    They are not people pleasers and they don’t need constant approval.
  22. Their desire to be exceptional means that successful people do things that most won’t.
    They become exceptional by choice. We’re all faced with life-shaping decisions on a regular basis.
    Successful people make the decisions that most won’t and don’t.
  23.  While the average person feels threatened by change, successful people embrace change.
  24. While many people are reactive, successful people are proactive. They take action before they have to.
  25.  Successful people have balance in their lives. While they may be financially successful, they know that the terms money and success are not interchangeable.
    They understand that people who are successful on a financial level only, are not successful at all.
    Unfortunately we live in a society which teaches that money equals success. Like many other things, money is a tool.
    It’s certainly not a bad thing but ultimately, it’s just another resource. Unfortunately, too many people worship it.

Just to make things clear…

Of course I recognise that not all rich people are successful, and not all successful people are rich, and I’m not making a judgment when I say “rich” people or “poor” people.

These are terms I use to help clarify the different ways of thinking that 1% of Australian’s exhibit from the majority of the population.

However, after studying rich and successful people for over 30 years and now that I’ve mentored over 2,500 successful (and some not so successful) investors, business people and entrepreneurs over the last decade, I’ve noticed some success habits the rich exhibit are very different to the way the average person behaves.

In fact, I’ve documented them in my top selling book – Michael Yardney’s Guide to Getting Rich.

Click here to find out more about my new book and get your own copy now.

About Michael Yardney Michael is a director of Metropole Property Strategists who help their clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy. He's once again been voted Australia's leading property investment adviser and one of Australia's 50 most influential Thought Leaders. His opinions are regularly featured in the media.

Great artical, The best Iv ever herd from the wealthiest person I know is "money talks, wealth whispers"

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