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Some Lessons You Can Learn From These Successful Billionaires [infographic]

So what characteristics do billionaires have in common other than have more …well… money?  According to Growth Everywhere, billionaires have a fair amount of useful advice when it comes to building a solid lifestyle. Whether it’s reading voraciously like Warren Buffet or learning to diversify like David Koch, you’ll find that one thing is true:…

10 Lessons You Can Learn From Nelson Mandela

There’s a lot we can learn from the late, great Nelson Mandela. He has left a lasting legacy of forgiveness and reconciliation. Lifehack has distilled is inspiration down to 10 life lessons from some of his great quotes: 1. Never abandon hope or give up “The struggle is my life. I will continue fighting for…

5 things we learn from Gen Y

Spare a thought for Generation Y. They’re often dismissed by the media as flighty, unwilling to do the hard yards, terrible at taking direction, and shallow. Roughly encompassing those born between 1981 and 1994, Gen Y is viewed as the first of the indulged, channel-surfing generations, chasing instant gratification and wealth through their start-ups and…

The 5 email habits that will turn your life around

Remember when people made phone calls?  Whenever you needed to know something, you just picked up the phone and called them.   These days, we’re all chained to our laptops, emailing each other day and night. Did you get the report? What do you think about this approach? Email is a wonderful tool, but like social…

Warren Buffett’s Biggest Wins & Fails - Warren Buffet Series #4 [Infographic]

Warren Buffett’s investing track record is nearly impeccable. Over his lifetime, Buffett has built Berkshire Hathaway into one of the biggest companies in American history, amassed a personal fortune of over $80 billion, and earned acclaim as one of the world’s foremost philanthropists. But in a 75-year career, it’s no surprise that even Buffett has…

The Warren Buffett Empire in One Giant Chart - Warren Buffet Series #3 [Infographic]

Most people know Berkshire Hathaway as the massive conglomerate that serves as the investment vehicle for Warren Buffett’s $80 billion fortune. However, far fewer people know what this giant does, and how it actually makes its money! To give you some inspiration for this new decade, this week we’ve be running a series of 5…

Inside Warren Buffett’s Brain - Warren Buffet Series #2 [Infographic]

What springs to mind when you think of legendary investor Warren Buffett? For some, it’s his humble Omaha origins or his long-lasting obsession with Coca-Cola. For other people, it’s Buffett’s impeccable investing track record and extraordinary wealth that make a lasting impression. While these are all legitimate connections to make with the Buffett name, perhaps…