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104 inspirational quotes from some of the world's most successful people

For many great success comes with great responsibility – the ability to touch with a performance, lead a country or create the groundbreaking. But the greatest responsibility of those with success, is to inspire those around them to reach for the stars and make the impossible possible. Here are 105 inspirational quotes from highly successful people: •…

The morning routines of successful people

Ever had one of those days when you roll out of bed the wrong way and nothing seems to go right from that point on? We all have.   Getting a jump on the day, starting it in the right way, can make all the difference between a productive workday and one you spend in…

Are you a worrier? Can worrying be productive?

I come from a long line of worriers. I’m a worrier, my grandmother was a worrier, and my mom worries like she’s getting paid for it. On the topic of worrying, she once said: “I feel like if I don’t worry enough, something bad is going to happen.” Lots of people feel the same way….

Warren Buffet’s 3 Step Strategy for Success

One day Warren Buffet was sitting in the cockpit of his plane with his pilot, Mike Flint. They were having a conversation. Flint asked Buffet what it takes to succeed. Buffet shared with him the following 3 Step Strategy for Success:  STEP #1 Top 25 Goals Buffet had Flint write down his top 25 Goals. STEP #2…

40 best Warren Buffett quotes on investing, business, and life

Warren Buffett is known for many things: his reading habits, his philanthropy, his dedication to teaching the importance of money to kids, his business acumen, his wealth, and especially his investing style. He is also known for giving out priceless wisdom that has stood the test of time over the years. After all, who wouldn’t…

Confidence is Earned Not Faked

You can’t fake your way to confidence.   It’s not something you can manifest by good thoughts alone. Confidence is a byproduct of taking action that produces results which helps build confidence. The more you achieve, the more you succeed, the more your confidence grows. In a way, confidence is very much like a bucket….

Find Some Shoulders to Climb On

Sixteenth century astronomer Galileo Galilei stood on the shoulders of 15th century astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus when he proved through his own experiments that Copernicus’ sun centered theory was correct. Sir Isaac Newton, considered the father of physics and calculus, stood on the shoulders of Copernicus, Galileo and Rene Descartes. Albert Einstein stood on the shoulders…

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