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104 inspirational quotes from some of the world's most successful people

For many great success comes with great responsibility – the ability to touch with a performance, lead a country or create the groundbreaking. But the greatest responsibility of those with success, is to inspire those around them to reach for the stars and make the impossible possible. Here are 105 inspirational quotes from highly successful people: •…

Don’t let negative people bring you down

I am often asked how to deal with negative interruptions in the working day. You know how it goes, you get to work and things are going along just nicely. You have batched your time and you are feeling good about getting to the projects you have set out for the day. Then, bam! Somebody…

The Era of the Fake Expert

Everyone’s an expert today. In relationships, business, marketing or investing, there’s a cast of thousands that’ll tell you what to do.  One of them is a guy I’ve known for 20 years. Let’s call him Phil. Hell of a nice bloke. But every time I see him, he tries to teach me something, like the…

20 "life changing" lessons - great inspirational quotes to start your week

Here’s a selection of great inspirational quotes – many from some great thought leaders. Some would even call these life changing lessons: 1. People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” -ANONYMOUS 2. “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”…

10 Game-Changing Things You Don’t Know About Millionaires

We all have our opinions about millionaires and the rich.   I’d like to challenge some of those opinions and show you some things you might not know about millionaires. It’s not about luck, fancy lifestyles or greed. It’s about developing a mindset that sets you apart from the rest. Here are 10 game-changers that…

Over-rated work habits you need to ditch now

We only have so many hours in the day so why do some people spend it on tasks that won’t enhance their happiness or lead to success? Baffling, isn’t it? Lots of people work hard. They burn the midnight oil, put in long hours on group projects, or evenings catching up on email.  They’ll often…

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