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11 Things Successful Property Investors Don’t Do

Books, blogs, and magazines are full of great tips on what to do to become a successful property investor. However today I’d like to look at a number of things successful investors don’t do. 1. They don’t concern themselves that the markets are unpredictable. Successful investors are comfortable with the reality that their future can’t…

11 Incisive Quotes From Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is arguably the most famous physicist of all time. But he wasn’t just a brilliant physicist, however. As you’ll see from some of the following quotes, he was also remarkably wise and had incredible insights into society. 1. “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” 2. “Common…

10 Inspiring quotes about the reward of taking risks

One of the most common traits that bonds people of great success and power, is their ability to take a risk. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, and wondering ‘what if’ , these trail-blazers are proof that with risk comes great reward. Here are 10 inspiring quotes by 10 exceptional risk takers: 1. Take the first…

Women Outperform Men Under Stress

Who makes better property investors – women or men? Up till now, the answer may have depended on who you asked (or what gender they were) but neuroscientists have uncovered evidence suggesting that, when the pressure is on, women bring unique strengths to decision making and make less-risky decisions under high-stress situations. Quoting separate neuroscience…

The five types of people you meet on path to success

As we all know, the path to success is a long and winding road paved with detours, potholes and the occasional ‘wrong way, go back’ sign. It’s never smooth, and it’s never straight-forward. But persist, work hard and learn from your mistakes and you’ll get to the top of the mountain. On your way, you’ll…

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