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The Habits of Unsuccessful People vs. Successful People [infographic]

Succeeding is hard: it requires a lot of work, strong will and a great deal of patience. So what’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?  It’s their habits. If you think about it, you are where you are in life today because of all the things you’ve chosen to do, and all the things you chose not to do. And if…

How Billy Joel sold a car

Okay, so the piano man didn’t really sell a car. Well, I don’t know for sure, but I’ve never seen anywhere that he used to be in car sales. He did, however, help sell a car and he’s also helped hundreds of my clients, get their clients to know, like, and trust them. Got you…

Will Your Child be Rich or Poor? 15 Poverty Habits Parents Teach Their Children

When I travel the country speaking to high school and college students about exactly what they need to do to become financially successful in life I always begin my presentation by asking three questions: “How many want to be financially successful in life?” “How many think they will be financially successful in life?”  Almost every…

9 ways successful people beat stress

Feeling stressed yet?  This is been a challenging year hasn’t it, I guess everyone is stressed in one way or another and this year will have more that it’s fair share of challenges. It is more or less impossible not to experience bouts of stress at some time. The difference between those who are successful…

The one key to success you’re probably overlooking

We all think we know the secret to longevity and good mental health. Spend time with our families, work hard to earn a good wage, eat fresh food, and exercise regularly. But I’d like to add one very important habit that is, nine times out of ten, overlooked by most people. Sleep – Letting the body…

Unusual Sleep Patterns of 21 Highly Successful People [Infographic]

It’s often said that successful people sleep less and get up earlier in order to achieve more. In this infographic, HomeArena explores the sleep patterns of 21 top entrepreneurs and executives. Contrary to what you might expect, 54% of them actually sleep at least six hours! I know I do. Source: ALSO READ: Sleep Your Way to the…

Want some top success tips from top property professionals?

Interested in knowing how others became successful? Then why not ask successful people what they’d wished they’d been told when they were younger. That’s exactly what I did with these seven successful property professionals and here’s what they said. Kate Forbes — National Director Metropole Property Strategists 1. Invest in yourself first Your best investment by…

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