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How emotionally intelligent are you? Here are 15 ways to tell

Some people think I’m smart – I wouldn’t really know- I’ve never taken an IQ test. But I was pleased with the result when I tested my Emotional Intelligence with these 15 questions I found on Life Hacker. I learned that Emotionally Intelligent people aren’t ruled by their thoughts; they are the master of them….

Do you need to get up early to be successful?

You’ve probably read an article or two that espouses the need getting up early in order to be successful. Studies are regularly released that seem to confirm this theory and various experts are trotted out to speak about the importance of getting a jump on the day. Most psychology of success blogs at some point…

Profits are better than wages | Jim Rohn

My mentor, when I was 25 years old, dropped a phrase on me that changed my life forever when he said; “Profits are better than wages.  Wages will make you a living, profits can make you a fortune.” You know it is a bit difficult to get rich on wages, but anybody can get rich…

Five behaviours that will change your life

I’m not one to believe in quick fixes or overnight successes. In fact I think hard work, healthy habits and a strong long-term plan are the real crucial elements of success. These things won’t bring you success overnight, but lasting success isn’t the kind that arrives overnight. It involves hard work, dedication, and a commitment to…

10 inspirational quotes to start your week

It’s the beginning of another week – time for new possibilities, new goals and reaching your potential. Here’s 10 inspirational quotes to get you going: 1. People are like mirrors. What you see in others has more to do with what you see in yourself.  2. Whenever you judge someone else, you reveal an unhealed…

Do you keep doing what doesn’t work – financially?

Have you ever noticed how good we are at doing what doesn’t work?  For some (OK, for me), it’s with our diet. For others, it’s relationships. For many Australians, it’s how they handle their finances. It’s interesting how otherwise intelligent people behave so foolishly and keep on doing what hasn’t worked for years. It’s like…

The ‘tough guy’ success myth

Everyone has a different idea of what success looks like. For many, it’s financial, while for others it’s success in personal relationships (although both feed into each other, but that’s a blog post for another time). You may even have an idea of what a successful person looks like, and from that you have put…

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