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10 Dr. Seuss quotes to inspire you to success

Dr. Seuss was an American poet and author, who has written over 46 books. I loved reading his books to my children. Today I read them to my grandchildren. Here are 10 Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) quotes to inspire you: Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is noone alive who is…

Is There One Overriding Secret to Success?

Is There One Overriding Secret to Success? I’ve spent the better part of 14 years interviewing/studying rich people and poor people. As a result, I’ve accumulated an enormous amount of research data. I’ve shared a good amount of my research with tens of millions around the globe, thanks to my friends in the media and…

The Habits of Unsuccessful People vs. Successful People [infographic]

Succeeding is hard: it requires a lot of work, strong will and a great deal of patience. So what’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?  It’s their habits. If you think about it, you are where you are in life today because of all the things you’ve chosen to do, and all the things you chose not to do. And if…

Thinking Like a Farmer | Jim Rohn

One of the difficulties we face in our industrialized age is the fact we’ve lost our sense of seasons. Unlike the farmer whose priorities change with the seasons, we have become impervious to the natural rhythm of life. As a result, we have our priorities out of balance. Let me illustrate what I mean:  For a farmer, springtime is his…

Want some top success tips from top property professionals?

Interested in knowing how others became successful? Then why not ask successful people what they’d wished they’d been told when they were younger. That’s exactly what I did with these seven successful property professionals and here’s what they said. Kate Forbes — National Director Metropole Property Strategists 1. Invest in yourself first Your best investment by…

The Myth of Success

Most of us are trained to believe success is inexorably linked to the attainment of goals. But this kind of success isn’t enjoyed for long because that moment of attainment is fleeting.  We reach a goal and then it’s over the very instant it’s reached. Failure to replace the goal with a new one then…

7 things that successful people don't do

The thing about success is that it’s much more than just blind luck.  In fact, research shows that successful people in all fields generally have the high levels of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the capability to recognise your own, and other people’s, emotions. The research, which tested more than a million people, also highlighted the…

The one key to success you’re probably overlooking

We all think we know the secret to longevity and good mental health. Spend time with our families, work hard to earn a good wage, eat fresh food and exercise regularly. But I’d like to add one very important habit that is, nine times out of ten, overlooked by most people. Sleep – Letting the body…

What Type Of Procrastinator Are You? [Infographic]

You’re not alone: everyone does it at some time. We all procrastinate. It is estimated that one-fifth of adults and half of all students procrastinate. Negative impacts of procrastination include diminished performance, poorer mental and physical health, and increased stress, worry, and guilt Maybe you even made a New Year’s resolution not to procrastinate – or maybe you…

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