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Join Tom Corley & Michael Yardney on their journey to understand the mindset of the rich & successfull.

Habits of successful people

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Almost everyone wants to become rich. According to Tom Corley’s Rich Habits Research, being rich eliminates 67% of the problems that plague most people.

In this regular series of videos Michael Yardney and Tom Corley help you discover the habits of rich and successful people, based on 5 years’ research which determined exactly what it is that makes people get ahead in life

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Optimists Rule the World

Have you ever run into an optimist? Most who do walk away energized, enthusiastic, motivated and, well optimistic. Now contrast that to pessimists. Pessimists sap you of your energy, enthusiasm, motivation and drag you down in life. They push you away and make you want to run for the hills. By a wide margin, the millionaires in…

Make Your Money Invisible

Cheap people and frugal people are two very different types.  Cheap people focus on price first, when it comes to spending their money. Frugal people focus on quality first when it comes to spending their money. But one common denominator they both share is that they control how much money they spend. Most people, however,…

How To Become Your Own Mentor

In my study on the habits of the rich and poor, I learned that three things about mentors: Mentors are hard to come by – only 24% of the wealthy had a mentor in life. Finding a mentor is the fast track to accumulating wealth – that 24% who found mentors also happened to accumulate…

At the Top of the Stairs You’ll Find the Elevator

“All things are difficult before they are easy.” Thomas Fuller The path towards success is like climbing a never ending flight of stairs. Each step, another obstacle to overcome.  Each step, another mistake to learn from. Each step, another closed door opened. Success is not for the meek. It requires a warrior mindset. When you…

You Were Indoctrinated to Avoid Failure

Since childhood we are indoctrinated to avoid failure. It’s embedded into our education system. As a child, you experience failure for the first time when you fail a test. The teacher puts a big “F” on your test and immediately you learn that failure is bad. Our education system has been enormously successful in indoctrinating…

10 lessons you can learn from the rich and successful

Have you ever looked at the AFR Rich List or reports on the richest people in the world and wondered what they were doing that you’re not? Well…they’re probably doing things very differently to you according to my good friend and best-selling author Tom Corley who conducted a five-year study of 233 wealthy people and 128 people…

Optimists Accumulate More Wealth

70% of the people you run into in life are pessimistic and only 30% are optimistic. There are a lot of ingredients that go into the self-made millionaire stew. According to my Rich Habits research, optimism happens to be one of the most important ingredients. So too is a high tolerance for risk, which is…

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