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Join Tom Corley & Michael Yardney on their journey to understand the mindset of the rich & successfull.

Habits of successful people

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Almost everyone wants to become rich. According to Tom Corley’s Rich Habits Research, being rich eliminates 67% of the problems that plague most people.

In this regular series of videos Michael Yardney and Tom Corley help you discover the habits of rich and successful people, based on 5 years’ research which determined exactly what it is that makes people get ahead in life

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20 Minutes a Day Can Radically Change Your Life

Building a wealthy, healthy and happy life is just a process. The process always begins with a vision of the ideal, future life you desire. This could be ten, fifteen or twenty years into the future. That future life is actually the realization of a collage of dreams that forms the picture of your ideal,…

Be Like Spock

For the three individuals out there who have never hear of Spock, he is the Vulcan in the Star Trek series, books and movies. Spock’s overriding character trait was that he never expressed emotion and, thus, was ruled by logic. Interestingly, controlling your emotions was one of the common Rich Habits among the self-made millionaires…

High IQ is a Daily Habit

Use it or lose it applies to intelligence. The more you use your brain, the more brain mass you create. More mass = greater intelligence. Brain density is measured by the number of synapses (connections between neurons), the birth of the myelin sheath surrounding each axon (the axon is how brain cells send signals) and…

The top 6 six things rich people do

When you’re struggling to achieve financial freedom, rich people can feel like an entirely separate species. They move in different circles. They have different routines. They even seem to think differently from others. This is not a myth. Rich people are not actually different, of course, but they do act differently from those who are…

Rich people are luckier

Each one of the 233 millionaires in my five-year study of rich and poor people was lucky.  Fifty-six (24%) were born into it and 177 (76%) created it. The type of luck those 24% received was random good luck. The type of luck those 76% received was self-made. Luck, whether random or self-made, is a common denominator…

Rich Habits Poor Habits | Poor Beliefs Part 1

If you want to succeed in life, if you want to become rich, you need to understand the success beliefs of the Rich and develop more of these and drop the beliefs of the Middle Class or Poor.  Beliefs represent the acceptance of something without any proof to back up what we accept as fact….

Victims of Our Environment

You wake up in the morning, meandor into the kitchen, see the coffee maker and you make coffee. You finish eating dinner, you see the TV, you pour yourself a glass of wine, beer or some alcoholic beverage and begin watching TV. During your commute to work, you notice the yellow McDonald arches, you pull…