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Join Tom Corley & Michael Yardney on their journey to understand the mindset of the rich & successfull.

Habits of successful people

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Almost everyone wants to become rich. According to Tom Corley’s Rich Habits Research, being rich eliminates 67% of the problems that plague most people.

In this regular series of videos Michael Yardney and Tom Corley help you discover the habits of rich and successful people, based on 5 years’ research which determined exactly what it is that makes people get ahead in life

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The #1 Factor That Makes Poor People Rich

What’s not easy is looking in the mirror at the real cause. Sometimes we need a dose of reality to shake us from our excuses. If no poor person on the face of the earth ever rose from poverty to wealth, you might have a case that it’s impossible to become rich if you were…

Prosperity increases longevity

In a recent report from the Brookings Institute, they found that rich people live longer than poor people. Rich men live 12 years longer than poor men and rich women live 10.5 years longer than poor women. Why? There is no single variable. It’s a multitude of things: Rich People Work Longer Poor people work…

Generosity boosts happiness

What’s happiness? I don’t think happiness is anyone’s unique feeling. Joy is happiness, laughter is happiness. Being around your loved ones is happiness. Feeling content, for whatever reason, is happiness; feeling satisfied and fulfilled is happiness. That feeling you get when you win at something is happiness; relief is happiness. If I had a gun…

Two traits every successful person possesses

If I were to boil success down to two success characteristics they would be Grit and Growth. Grit Those with Grit never quit on their dreams and their goals. No number of obstacles, rejections, or failures that life throws at them stops them from pursuing their dreams and goals. They simply go at it every…

Put Your Ladder on YOUR WALL

Most of us do as we are told. This habit forms early in life. Our parents, for our own good, make us do things we don’t want to do: wake up early for school, eat broccoli, do homework, do house chores, etc. Doing what we are told is conditioned into us from the very beginning….

Rich habits poor habits | Are You an Anchor?

When Tom Corley embarked on his Rich Habits Study he was not content with identifying the Rich Habits of wealthy people. Success habits only get you halfway down the field. In order to get down the rest of the field and score, you also need to know what not to do. That is why he also studied…

20 Minutes a Day Can Radically Change Your Life

Building a wealthy, healthy and happy life is just a process. The process always begins with a vision of the ideal, future life you desire. This could be ten, fifteen or twenty years into the future. That future life is actually the realization of a collage of dreams that forms the picture of your ideal,…

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