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Join Tom Corley & Michael Yardney on their journey to understand the mindset of the rich & successfull.

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Almost everyone wants to become rich. According to Tom Corley’s Rich Habits Research, being rich eliminates 67% of the problems that plague most people.

In this regular series of videos Michael Yardney and Tom Corley help you discover the habits of rich and successful people, based on 5 years’ research which determined exactly what it is that makes people get ahead in life

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Super Parents Raise Kids Who Become the 1% | Rich Habits, Poor Habits [VIDEO]

Ever wonder where the Rich learned their Rich Habits? In Tom Corley’s 5 year Rich Habits research he uncovered one overriding fact: Parents are responsible for poverty, the wealth gap and income inequality. Not Wall Street, not the economy, not the 1%, not government policies, not your life’s circumstances – Parents! Watch as we chat…

15 habits of self-made millionaires Part 3 | Rich Habits Poor Habits [VIDEO]

Success doesn’t crop up overnight – all self-made millionaires had to start somewhere. Much of their transformation from ordinary to seven-figure status can be attributed to “rich habits,” a term coined by Thomas C. Corley, who spent five years researching the daily habits of 177 self-made millionaires. Here are some “rich habits” of self-made millionaires…

5 Questions That Could Change Your Life | Rich Habits Poor Habits [VIDEO]

As I’ve mentioned often in my writings and interviews, self-awareness is a prerequisite to change. So, I thought I’d put on my muse hat to help you confront the inner demons that are holding you back. Here’s 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you better understand why you are where you are: Question #1:…

Raising Young Adult Children to be Financial Juggernauts | Rich Habits Poor Habits [VIDEO]

According to a study by Brown University habit study by Dr. Pressman, we pick up most of our habits from our parents. If parents are bad at managing money, their kids will be bad at managing money. When you’re bad at managing money it has a tendency to disappear. That means no savings, no retirement…

Who Are Your Top 5 People?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn  Over the course of the average month, there are 720 hours. If you sleep seven hours a day, like most, that’s 210 hours, leaving you 510 hours. Out of that 510 hours, who do you spend the most…