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How to start negotiations after a low-ball offer

So you found the perfect investment property. You’ve summoned up all your courage and made a cheeky low-ball offer, in the hopes of snapping up a bargain – and it didn’t work out.  What’s next? Do you walk away, assuming that your relationship with the vendors is unsalvageable? Or do you use this opportunity as…

Is this another way to find out what's ahead for property values?

We all want to know what’s ahead for house prices, don’t we? The ANZ has been working on some new models for predicting house prices  and have recently introduced the ANZ Housing Search Index constructed using Google searches.  They see this as a leading gauge for dwelling prices in Australia – one that looks forward as opposed…

10 things economic property investors should understand

Here’s a quick summary of the Australian economy (well the one that really matters). Let’s call it 10 Things Economic.  1. Working longer hours for less pay per hour.   2. Stuff all wage growth, which is unlikely to change – digital stuff, automation, the internet of things, baton change to service industries and importantly low/declining productivity. 3. Many already underemployed, with…

The 7 Rules of Power Negotiation

Negotiating is a part of living; we do it all the time.  When you walk down a crowded street you negotiate the path you take. A couple negotiates their relationship before and during marriage.  Although you may not realise what’s happening, for example you take out the garbage tonight and I will do the dishes….

Housing Market and Economic Update | Chart Pack November 2016

It’s time for our monthly check on how the property markets are performing around Australia, and looking back over the year they have generally surprised on the upside. Here’s what Corelogic’s latest stats and graphs show: Combined capital city home values increased by 0.5% in October with values rising in all capital cities except for Adelaide…

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