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7 fatal mistakes to avoid on your first property investment

You’ve probably have heard that your first property investment is the most important one. Get it right and it will be the springboard to building a substantial property portfolio. Get it wrong and you’ll probably never move past your first investment property. Remember around 50% of all those who get into real estate investing sell…

How to get inside the "Special Property Club"

In the current buyers’ market some of the best property investment opportunities are not found on the regular property portals. And they don’t have for sale signs out front. These particular properties are only available to certain people and, unfortunately, it’s not a case of what you know, but who you know. I’m talking about…

Housing: where to now?

What would you rather have right now? An approved 150 unit inner city development site? Or an approved 150 lot greenfield land subdivision anywhere within the urban footprint? The answer says much about future challenges for housing development in Australia. The rapid deceleration of the apartment market in Australia should come as no surprise. The…