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By Greg Hankinson

Build Your Wealth Like the Most Successful Building Tycoons [Infographic]

Every day, we pass through buildings, hop aboard trains, drive across highways, and traverse structures in our lives without stopping to think about what it took to build them.

The developers behind these structures aren’t just expert architects and engineers — in many cases, they’re multi-billionaires who’ve not only built some of the most impressive structures in history but also built a wealthy business empire in the process.

It takes skill, dedication, vision, and innovation to complete construction projects and be a tycoon in your industry.

These tycoons offer valuable advice on things like real-world experience, failure, personality treats, giving back and must-have skills that you can apply to your own journey to finding success, whether that’s in investing in properties or generating another stream of revenue.

Check out this infographic by BigRentz on for 10 business lessons from the most influential tycoons, including Cornelius Vanderbilt, Stephen Bechtel Sr., and Zhang Xin.

Learning from their experiences and applying the lessons that they’ve learned could help you get ahead of the competition and achieve success in your field.

10 Business Lessons from Construction Tycoons

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Sometimes the best inspiration for success comes from places we don’t usually look.

Though you might not be a builder yourself, you can undeniably gain wisdom from the lessons these moguls have to offer and use them to invest in your career, money, and you.

About Greg Hankinson Greg and his team have successfully built and renovated in excess of 500 homes throughout Melbourne and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Being a Gold member of the Housing Industry Association and National Kitchen and Bathrooms Association, Greg’s focus is on Continued Professional Development, not only for himself, but his team of industry experts.
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