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By Chris Dang

Australia’s most in demand jobs revealed

What are the most in-demand jobs in Australia today?

Well, the latest Skills Priority List found that technicians and trade workers remain the most in-demand with 50 per cent of occupations in the category experiencing labour scarcity.

The list also highlighted that 66 new occupations have made the annual skill shortage list in 2023, including accountants, pilots, engineers and even illustrators.

Further, the report found that 36 per cent of occupations are currently “in shortage” amid the tightest labour market conditions in decades, with unemployment at a low 3.7 per cent.


We need chefs, bricklayers and hairdressers

What's surprising about the 2023 list is how many occupations are in shortage across the economy; with everything from the construction industry to care sectors affected.

Australia is facing a shortage of chefs, plumbers, bricklayers, tilers, bakers, hairdressers, swimming coaches, travel agents, bus drivers, and upholsterers.

The list also includes white-collar jobs including IT professionals and marketers.

According to Jobs and Skills Australia, worker shortages in Australia have been getting worse for three years in a row.

This is especially challenging in regional and remote areas.

The agency believes that these shortages are mainly due to the ongoing tight job market conditions, with some jobs lacking people with the necessary technical skills or other qualities employers value.

Unemployment to rise

Even though the job market may slow down due to the economy responding to higher interest rates, the most sought-after jobs are expected to remain the same.

Aged care and early childhood education workers, along with nurses and midwives, have been in demand for nearly a decade.

However, due to the increased construction demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now a recent shortage of tradespeople like carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.

About Chris Dang Chris Dang is an accountant by training and has worked in the Financial Planning industry for many years. Chris brings together property, accounting, and financial planning experience to help clients of Metropole Wealth Advisory create a holistic plan for their wealth.
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