Why CBD apartments make terrible investments | George Raptis

Are inner city apartments in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne on your investment radar? If so, you should proceed with caution, as I’m predicting some potentially profit-crunching changes to the apartment market moving forward. It’s all about Supply & Demand As with many property related troubles, it boils down to one of the basic fundamentals of…

interest rates Feb 2014

Low interest rates are doing what they are meant to do |RBA

Low interest rates are doing what they are meant to do — boost housing prices, according to RBA’s head of financial stability Luci Ellis. However the problem is they are not encouraging the building of new housing, she says. “Part of the anticipated effect of monetary policy is to induce more construction activity, Higher prices are…


National Property Market Update – Part 3 | N.S.W & SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Last week on Real Estate Talk we did a whip around Australia with nine experts giving their take on the national property market. We’ve already covered the Queensland and Tasmanian markets in Part 1 as well as the Melbourne and A.C.T. markets in Part 2. Today’s transcripts are from my interview with George Raptis giving us his…


RP Data’s Australia Housing Market Update for October 2014 [video]

 In this month’s housing market update I explain what’s happening around Australia After the strongest winter month for capital gains since 2007 the rate of home value growth eased off over the month of September with capital city dwelling values holding steady. Housing values eased their way into Spring, with the RP Data CoreLogic Home Value…


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