Record interstate migration to Victoria, while mining states approach record low interstate migration flows | Tim Lawless

The speed of population growth into Australia has been winding down since reaching a recent annual peak in December 2012 when the national population grew by 1.78% over the year. With overseas migration moderating and a slowdown in the rate of natural increase, the annual rate of population growth across the country has slipped to…

property investment boom

[Video] The latest property news with Kevin Turner | 29th October

In this week’s two minute property investment news video I talk about the booming property markets. There’s been lots of talk about the need to cool booming property markets, but there’s a worry policymakers might be too narrow in their analysis when considering issues such as negative gearing and grants. Sydney, and to some extent Melbourne, have…

property investment bubble Steve Keen

Someone should tell the IMF- there is no property bubble in Australia

By Ross Guest, Griffith University Australia’s house prices are grossly overinflated – if you believe the International Monetary Fund’s recent analysis. It says radical policies are required to deflate this emerging housing bubble, such as a stamp duty on house purchases by foreign residents and government imposed controls on bank lending for housing. The IMF’s…

low interest rates

The power of compound interest – an investor’s best friend | Shane Oliver

In a recent economic commentary Dr Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist at AMP Capital explained that compound interest is an investor’s best friend. He also highlighted that to reap maximum advantage from compounding investors need to ensure an adequate exposure to growth assets, contribute early and often to your investment portfolio and find a way to…


5 reasons NSW’s economy is performing so well | George Raptis

There are many reasons why the Sydney property market is performing so well, but a major reason is the strength of it’s economy. Well… it probably won’t surprise you that resource-rich Western Australia has been knocked from its long-held number one position as the country’s strongest economic performer and NSW is the new leader at the…


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