More Renters Struggling to cope as cost of living pressures bite | Choice survey

One third of people surveyed recently for the Choice Consumer Pulse Report said they find it difficult to get by on their current income, and two-thirds said they have cut back spending on non-essential items. Australians are dipping into their savings, delaying purchases and using their credit cards to bridge the gap between pay days, according…


The global economic outlook – implications for investors | Shane Oliver

We’re experiencing yet another year where investors started off optimistic about the global economic outlook with talk of synchronised world economic growth, however the global growth story remains patchy. So much so that it’s possible to paint wildly different pictures as to the outlook – some are worried about growth and inflation taking off, whereas others…

legal law

What’s the difference between a property solicitor and a conveyancer?

Now that’s a common question we’re often asked, and rightly so.  It can be confusing when you’re offered what seems to be the same service by two different professionals. Basically, every time a property changes hands the process is called conveyancing, and conveyancing can be done by either a solicitor or a conveyancer. 

low interest rates

7 Questions You Must Ask If You’re Considering Fixing Interest Rates

Is it time to lock in some or all of your loans into fixed rates? This is a question many property investors and home owners are asking with interest rates at the lowest they’ve been in decades and competition amongst the banks delivering us some very attractive fixed loan rates. How do you decide what’s right…


This is Australia’s number one million-dollar street

As Australia’s property market continues to appreciate, property portal released new data unveiling Australia’s most property-rich streets, with NSW’s Raglan Street in Mosman revealed as the number one destination for million-dollar houses. The findings showed that NSW was the wealthiest state when it comes to residential property overall, with 23.4% of dwellings in the metro…


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