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7 Questions You Must Ask If You’re Considering Fixing Interest Rates

Is it time to lock in some or all of your loans into fixed rates? This is a question many property investors and home owners are asking with interest rates at virtually the lowest they’ve been in decades and, despite APRA’s intervention, some banks delivering us some very attractive fixed loan rates. How do you decide…

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Student accomodation – good or bad property investment? | Damian Collins

Do you like the sound of above average rental yields? What about a cash flow positive investment? Even better, a low purchase price? Sounds great doesn’t it.? These are just some of the benefits often claimed of investing in student accommodation. But unfortunately in our experience this is usually where the good news stops. Investing…

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Are investment markets rational and efficient?

In the 1960s celebrated American economist Eugene Fama conceived his Efficient Market Theory (EMT), a hypothesis which promoted that investment markets are ‘informationally efficient’ – that all publicly available information is rationally processed by investors and reflected in the price of a security or asset. It’s an intriguing idea, yet the theory was effectively disproved…

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The 3 technological revolutions & what it means for property investors

Although for economic historians it was once commonplace to speak of The Industrial Revolution (as though there has only been one) more recently it has become fashionable to speak of three technological revolutions in modern economic history. Each of these revolutions represented genuine structural shifts. Put another way, although economies continue as ever to move…