Where to buy investment property

Knowing where to buy property is the difference between a successful property investor and a poor one.
It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you need to ensure you choose locations that will offer long-term investments.
Remember, not every property is a smart investment. So we’ve found the best industry experts to guide you through your property search.


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Where to Buy Investment Property

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State by State Housing Market & Economic Update | Chart Pack February 2017

It’s time for a whip around the country to see how our property markets are performing and to look at the factors affecting their future. CoreLogic recently released their chart pack for February which gives us a good overview of what’s happening as well as some of the economic factors impacting our markets. HERE’S SOME KEY…

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Bums on seats – what’s really happening to Australia’s population

Three minute read.  When looking at population action, it appears that it is all now happening in Victoria and New South Wales. Last year, Victoria attracted 36% of Australia’s population growth, followed by New South Wales with 33%. Queensland got a 20% share and Western Australia just 8%. These four states account for 97% of…

Residex Property Market Update : February 2017

In the first Update for 2017, we present the latest repeat sales growth figures, rents and sales volumes.  In addition, we also examine the housing market performance across each capital city over the December quarter. Residex repeat sales index shows an acceleration in housing market performance across most capital cities over the second half of 2016….

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How to Avoid Common Investor Mistakes – Only investing in your own backyard [Video]

The more you know about the most common mistakes that investors make, the better your likelihood of building lasting wealth.  In this series of short 3 minute videos, Kevin Turner and I discuss the common mistakes I’ve seen investors make. Today we discuss why it’s not a good idea to only invest in your backyard. It’s important…

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Lone household explosion will change the face of our property markets

We’re going to have 4.3 million more households in Australia by 2036! The ABS released its updated Household and Family Projections data for 2011 to 2036. It is fairly well known – and widely reported – that the population of Australia is projected to soar across that time horizon, by more than 10 million heads or 45…

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Housing market and economic update | Chart Pack January 2017

Many of the property market predictions made this time last year were wrong!  Mine included. For example…. the Sydney and Melbourne property markets performed much stronger than the commentators expected. So let’s look more closely at what’s happening  in the property markets around Australia and examine the data and graphs provided by CoreLogic. Home values increased…

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Treat your property investment like a business

Most of us want financial freedom and the extra choices in life this brings, yet when you think about it, despite living in one of the most affluent countries in the world, most Australians never achieve financial independence. Despite working for around forty years, and having earned two or three million dollars over their lifetimes…

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