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By Brett Warren

When Does the Greatest Transfer of Wealth Take Place?

I am sure you have heard certain points in time are those when “The rich get richer”!

I know I always used to think to myself, if only I could find them!

Amongst the doom and gloom that is Coronavirus, I have some good news…..

That time is fast approaching.

Here are my thoughts;

When Does the Greatest Transfer of Wealth Take Place

See Opportunities Where Others See Obstacles

The successful seem to be able to identify opportunities, while the vast majority seem to either freeze, pause or panic and retreat backwards.

Long GameThey keep moving forward and take a longer-term view and a big picture approach, while others get lost in the short-term detail and the 24-hour news cycle.

Once concept I have grasped on my journey up the “success ladder” is to not make long term decision based on short term information.

Successful people are still moving forward and as a result are attracting new opportunities.

By the way when I say successful / wealthy / rich, I am talking about the top 2-3% in the nation.

They understand that this too will pass and are ready to pounce.



If you are looking for a sign or some comfort and a reason to act, here it is.

A chart showing home values over the last few decades and highlighting what has happened during previous downturns.

After each and every downturn, home values have recovered and moved past its previous peak.

While there are varying opinions on what may happen next – recessions, meltdowns, house price falls…. etc, nobody disagrees - we will come out the other end, sooner or later.

So, if you can move your focus past the next news cycle and into the longer term, opportunities will present themselves.

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

In The US, the marines have a motto to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

It allows them to deal with any physical, mental or spiritual hardship.

To my mind, there is no difference in the need to adopt that successful philosophy with business and property.

Business continue to face these challenges on a daily basis.

Think about the likes of failed companies like a Blockbuster or Kodak.

Each of them had a powerful and dominant position in its marketplace but failed to improvise and adapt to changing times.

A quote from our business coach Mark Creedon comes to mind when we talk about the need to change – “But it’s the way we have always done things

Perhaps this is your time to pivot.

Is this your opportunity to improvise, adapt and overcome or are you going to keep doing the same things you have always done?

Timing the Cycle

The top 2% - 3% of investors do not wait to try and pinpoint the exact moment the market turns.

property time market clock house cycle investment timing watch growthI would suggest instead they target a time of Peak Fear.

They want to find the time when there is bad news and then more bad news.

I have spoken to many investors over the last few weeks and many state they will hold off for a month or two or wait and see how things pan out.

That is the mentality of the 97% - 98% of investors or speculators.

When the market does eventually turn and there is some positive news, it is too late and the tide surges as every man and his dog pile into the market.

Meanwhile, the people who are in the market and have taken action ride the wave and…

The Rich Become Richer

To Conclude

Every cloud has a silver lining, the saying goes.

Work Hard Prerequisite To Success.

In unprecedented times the successful have a firm focus on the horizon rather than the storm clouds that are currently present.

They are looking for opportunities that present themselves and they are ready to act.

They are buoyed by history and understand what comes next.

They will not wait and attempt to time the market, as they recognise it is in fact, time in the market that is of benefit.

Like the marines, they have the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome, they are able to pivot change direction to adapt to each situation – positive or negative.

While the majority freeze or pause, they take advantage of the moment and continue to increase their wealth over the next cycle.

Now is the time it to keep moving forward.

Now is the time to take action and set yourself for the opportunities that will present themselves as the market moves on


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About Brett Warren Brett Warren is National Director of Metropole Properties and uses his two decades of property investment experience to advise clients how to grow, protect and pass on their wealth through strategic property advice.
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