[Podcast] Advice on getting rich from Australia’s Wealth Mentor, with Jackson Millan

[Podcast] Advice on getting rich from Australia’s Wealth Mentor, with Jackson Millan

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Today, I’m chatting with Jackson Milan, also known as 'The Wealth Mentor'.

Jackson is an accomplished wealth coach and an industry leader who has realized his own financial goals and created his dream life and helped others to do the same. 470 My Podcast Property And Economy 03

We’ll talk about the mindset of wealth creation, strategies you can adopt, and overcoming obstacles in your path.

Hopefully, our chat will offer you some practical insights and tools to use on your own wealth-creation journey.

Highlights from my chat with Jackson Milan

Jackson Milan helps people take back control when working toward achieving their own financial freedom. In today’s episode, we discussed:

  • Jackson’s journey and why people should listen to him about wealth creation.
    • Jackson’s father tried to instil good financial values but didn’t practice what he preached.
    • Jackson himself has ADHD, which makes deferring gratification very difficult, so he’s created an alternative methodology that works for neurodivergent people who need to have their cake and eat it too. 
  • Jackson broke the cycle of constantly grinding by setting up his business so he could spend a year travelling around Australia in a four-wheel drive. Along the way, he found a dream house and began an animal rescue.
  • He believes that people have to take responsibility for their dreams and make a 3-dimensional plan.
    • Without a 3-dimensional plan, people are forced to make scarcity-based decisions.
  • Jackson sees having a million-dollar mindset as an essential tool.
    • He explains the importance of money memories – key defining moments of experience at different points in our lives that shape us into the people we are. Wealth
    • Building the right money mindset will lead to building success.
  • Jackson explains that the rich see situations such as high inflation and increased cost of living as an opportunity.
    • The poor become victims of the same circumstances due to a lack of financial understanding.
    • Financial education is key to bridging that gap.
  • Jackson works with business owners to help them create a skillset so they can make the best financial decisions for themselves. He calls it building money muscle memory.
    • He does not want clients to be dependent on him for financial success; instead, he wants them to learn to be able to do it for themselves.
    • His philosophy is about making money with clients, not making money off of them.
    • This boils down to having the right strategy.
  • Property represents a magnification of cash returns.
    • Business owners have to learn that property and finance are one and the same.
  • Many business owners are receiving conflicting advice from accountants and tax advisers about minimizing their taxes, and they may be disadvantaged by banks. Wealth Growth
  • The takeaway from this conversation is that a good idea in theory is just that – until you implement it.
  • Listeners can check out Jackson’s 40-point financial scorecard and other resources.

Links and Resources:

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Jackson’s Scorecard - www.WealthHealthCheck.com.au

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“You’ve got to plan to become the person you plan to become, and then you’ve just got to follow through.” – Michael Yardney.

“At our recent wealth retreat, where we had a whole group of already very successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs, even the wealthiest people had a whole lot of limiting beliefs.” – Michael Yardney

“Constantly worrying about a shortage of money probably isn’t good for you either, but if you can be happy and content with just having enough, your body and your mind will thank you for it.” – Michael Yardney


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