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[Podcast] Who makes better investors – men or women?

[Podcast] Who makes better investors – men or women?
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Have you ever considered that women might just be better property investors than men?

This episode reveals some fascinating insights into how gender impacts decision-making in property investment. My Podcast 516 Who Makes Better Investors Men Or Women Tom Corley

We also delve into the age-old question of whether money can buy happiness and explore the transformative power of good habits in achieving financial success.

I’m joined today by Tom Corley, author of the best-selling book, Rich Habits, Poor Habits, and in our discussion, we share powerful strategies for habit change.

The science behind gender differences in real estate investing

In my chat with Tom Corley today, we explored the impact of gender on investment decisions, the relationship between money and happiness, and the role of habits in achieving financial success.

  • Gender differences in property investment.
    • Men and women each bring unique strengths and weaknesses to the table.
      • Women:
        • Gamble less frequently than men Women Fin Events
        • Have a lower risk tolerance, which makes them more apt to study all the details and avoid making a mistake in a major purchasing decision.
        • Read more often than men, although the downside is that they read more for entertainment than for education and self-improvement.
        • Communicate more successfully than men, allowing them to avoid miscommunications that damage relationships, business, and negotiations.
        • Are less creative than men, due to their larger corpus callosum.
        • Have greater organizational skills than men have.
        • Are better at saving money than men.
      • Men:
        • Are more willing to gamble more frequently.
        • Are more aggressive and have a higher risk tolerance, which can pay off in terms of making high-risk, high-reward deals, but can also lead to mistakes.
        • Read less often than women but are more likely to read for self-improvement and education.
        • Don’t communicate as effectively as women.
        • Are more creative than women, due to their larger corpus callosum.
        • Are not as good at organizing and planning as women.
        • Are less cautious with their money and therefore less able to save. Investors
      • The neurobiological reasons for women's risk-averse, detail-oriented approach and better performance under stress, as well as men's risk-taking tendencies and potential pitfalls.
      • How money can provide opportunities for fulfilling experiences and contribute to well-being.
      • The profound satisfaction that comes from making a difference in the lives of others and how money can facilitate this.
      • The power of habits in achieving financial success, with insights from the best-selling book, Rich Habits, Poor Habits.
      • Strategies for changing habits and setting oneself on a path of success.
      • How good habits can be passed down through the generations?

This episode is a treasure trove of valuable insights that are sure to leave you reflecting on your financial habits and strategies.

Rethink your investment strategies and consider how habits shape your financial success.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this episode is sure to provide plenty of food for thought.

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Get your copy of Rich Habits, Poor Habits here- www.RichHabitsPoorHabits.com

Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“It's not just your study, but lots of others have similarly found that if you compare the results of men and women, women are better investors.” – Michael Yardney

“So, I guess, in some ways, money does really buy happiness, doesn't it? It also gives you the opportunity to have great experiences.” – Michael Yardney

“Passion in pursuit of a dream is the water, the sunshine, and the soil that brings to life and nourishes these seeds of success.” – Michael Yardney


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