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[Podcast] These are the biggest influencers of our property markets that all property investors must understand.

[Podcast] These are the biggest influencers of our property markets that all property investors must understand.
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To help you understand what's ahead and if our property markets are going to keep rising or going to slow down or even go backward, as some property pessimists are still suggesting, in today's episode I want to outline the dynamics and the economics of Australia's property markets and what causes property values to increase and what makes them fall. My Podcast 551 The Future Of Australian Cities

I want to do this to help ensure that your investments outperform the market averages over the long term.

Today this topic is so important it's just going to be you and me as I share with you what causes property markets to boom and bust.

From the current state of supply and demand to the potential disruptions from AI and robotics on the workforce, this episode offers a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in the complexities of real estate investment and the economic forces at play in Australia's property landscape.

Property investing in Australia: current trends and future outlook

We are now in the upturn phase of the property cycle.

And if you believe most of what the media tells you a lot has to do with supply and demand, but they're suggesting what's going to happen to housing markets depends upon what's going to happen to interest rates.

I disagree. Property Investments

So, to help you understand what’s ahead for our property markets, I want to share with you a number of the myriad financial, social, and political factors that impact what your family home, or your next investment property, might be worth and show you that it's a lot more than interest rates,

The discussion aims to provide valuable insights and strategies for making informed real estate investment decisions in Australia.

  • The drivers of property values, and how they’ll affect the property market in the short term
  • The influence of financial regulations and banking responses on real estate investments
  • The important role of consumer confidence
  • How government interference affects property markets on the positive and negative sides
  • The role of household formation and demographic shifts in shaping housing market trends
    • It’s a big driver because 70% of properties are bought by an occupier
      • What increases the demand for housing isn't the number of people, but the number of dwellings needed to accommodate them. Currently: Property Investment
        • More young adults are staying home longer because of the cost of housing deposits
        • Multi-generational households are trending
        • Friends and family members are pooling their resources to rent together or buy a property to share
      • The population, which is about 27 million now, is going to reach around 30 million people by 2030
    • Affordability is a major factor affecting the housing market
    • How artificial intelligence and robotics will impact employment and housing demand
    • The areas with the most potential economic and population growth
    • Strategic investment in these areas will pay off – why fight the big trends?

As the episode concludes, listeners are left with a thorough understanding of the Australian housing market and the tools to make strategic decisions that align with long-term wealth accumulation. Property Investments

The insights shared provide a solid foundation for navigating the complexities of real estate investment in Australia, equipping listeners with the foresight to capitalize on upcoming trends and shifts within the industry.

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“Last year, consumer confidence was low, and the media was full of stories that created fear. But now we've moved on and it's almost the opposite and FOMO is creeping in.” – Michael Yardney

“If you think about it, that's virtually like adding another Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane to our population, and all these people are going to need to live somewhere.” – Michael Yardney

“I used to judge some people as incompetent, but I've now come to realize that if I choose to think that everybody shows up to do their best, the best that they can, it puts me in a better state when I'm communicating with them.” – Michael Yardney


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