[Podcast] The Future of Australian Cities: how 7.4 million Australians will reshape our urban future with Lailani Burra

[Podcast] The Future of Australian Cities: how 7.4 million Australians will reshape our urban future with Lailani Burra

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If you've ever wondered about the future of our housing markets and the prospects for property investment in Australia, or you're curious about how post-pandemic life is going to shape our cities, then today's episode is one you cannot afford to miss. My Podcast 517 The Future Of Australian Cities

I’m joined by Lailani Burra, CEO of. Id, who offers an eye-opening perspective on Australia's future property investment, urban planning, and lifestyle in the next 25 years.

Lailani’s team has just dropped a bombshell of a report that's going to shake up how we think about investing, living, and planning for the next 25 years.

We're talking 7.4 million more Australians, two million new homes, and a seismic shift back to urban living—all by 2041.

Her report gives us the inside track on how Australia’s future will unfold. Get ready to take a deep dive into what Australia will look like for decades to come.

Shaping Australia's urban future

Highlights from my chat with Lailani:

  • The background of .Id, or Informed Decisions Big Australia
  • The headline numbers: Lailani's team has projected an increase of 7.4 million Australians
    • This will require 2 million new homes and a shift towards urban living by 2041
    • Two-thirds of Australia’s population growth in the next two decades will be concentrated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.
  • Population growth is primarily driven by net overseas migration which will significantly shape Australia's capital cities in the next two decades
  • COVID-19 pandemic's impact on regional areas
    • People didn’t move to regional areas during lockdown as much as they simply didn’t leave.
    • These areas normally experience a net loss of young people to cities.
    • Because they couldn’t leave during the pandemic lockdowns, the population appeared to grow.
  • Comparing contrasting responses from Tasmania and the Sunshine Coast to migration trends. Immigration3
  • The importance of robust infrastructure in urban planning, with a specific emphasis on the need for reliable public transportation in metropolitan areas.

This episode paints a picture of what the next quarter-century could look like for Australia in terms of property investment, urban living, and planning.

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Lailani Burra- CEO .id Informed Decisions

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“When we talk infrastructure, we often talk about roads and transport, but in fact, we need the soft infrastructure as well, don't we?” – Michael Yardney

“The importance of neighbourhood really came home over COVID, didn't it, when that third place, where you go for recreation or for sport or for education, became very important.” – Michael Yardney

“Successful people understand that success is easy. You've just got to do what you've got to do to get there.” – Michael Yardney


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