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[Podcast] Simon Kuestenmacher’s Crystal Ball Demographic Forecasts and Real Estate

[Podcast] Simon Kuestenmacher’s Crystal Ball Demographic Forecasts and Real Estate
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I’ve often said that demographic changes will be more important in shaping our property markets in the medium to long term than the ups and downs of interest rates or the vagaries of our economy, so I’m pleased to have leading demographer Simon Kuestenmacher back on the show. My Podcast Australia In The Future With Simon Kuestenmacher

Simon is a co-founder of The Demographics Group and a master in interpreting data and trends to forecast how societies evolve, and his insights are pivotal for anyone interested in property, lifestyle changes, and investment strategies.

Recently Simon wrote a series of articles in The New Daily outlining the changes he sees ahead for us in the next decade and what these shifts mean for our future.

We shift our focus today to Australia's economic future, considering our ties with China and how the evolving global Chinese middle class will interact with our exports amidst demographic challenges.

We then dissect the educational landscape, discussing the potential impact of an over-saturated university graduate market.

As society changes, we also discuss shifts in media consumption habits and concerns over AI's influence on news quality.

If you’re a property investor or a business owner, you’ll want to understand what these trends mean for you, and like all my regular chats with Simon, this conversation promises to be thought-provoking.

Navigating Australia's Demographic Shifts

Today’s conversation navigates through a variety of topics, focusing on how demographic trends are poised to reshape the Australian landscape and the implications for housing markets, economic stability, and societal changes.

  • The impact of millennial family formation on housing demand
    • The shift towards urban outskirts due to a lack of suitable housing in middle suburbs  Demographics
  • Challenges of meeting housing demands through infill development in inner-city areas and the continuation of urban sprawl
  • The global economy and expected economic slowdown
  • How Australia will benefit from less investment into innovative, risky ventures and more investment in stable, more boring projects
  • Australia's economic dependency on China
    • The potential for growth in exports of food and energy
  • Trends in the Australian workforce with a more educated society, diminishing pay premiums for university degrees, and a shortage in trades
  • The suggestion to eliminate TAFE fees to encourage more individuals to pursue trade careers, addressing workforce vacancies left by retiring baby boomers Boomers
  • Societal changes in entertainment and media consumption with minimal shifts expected
    • Concerns about the impact of AI on news quality
  • What’s going to happen with roads and transportation

The episode offers valuable perspectives for anyone interested in property investment, business, and understanding the broader economic and demographic factors that will shape Australia's future.

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

“Australia’s business plan is to dig things out of the ground and sell them minerals, to grow things in the ground and sell them, and we could be the food bowl of this modern, developing Southeast Asia.” –Michael Yardney

“We're becoming a more educated society. We often talk about the five skill levels, and it's not a judge of people, but the more educated they are, the more they're going to earn over time the different sort of jobs they need.” – Michael Yardney

“Despite the technology, the advances, it seems like it's going to mirror the past, maybe more than we think it will be, and even though we only see changes happening slowly, if you look back over time they are significant.” – Michael Yardney


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