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[Podcast] Mastering Investment Psychology: Secrets to Financial Success with Louise Bedford

[Podcast] Mastering Investment Psychology: Secrets to Financial Success with Louise Bedford
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While we regularly talk about property on this show, today we delve into the fascinating world of investment psychology with my good friend, Louise Bedford. My Podcast 575 Investor Psychology With Louise Bedford

If you're not familiar with Louise, she is a leading expert in behavioural finance, a best-selling author, educator, and expert in trading psychology, and she is known for her ability to blend the intricacies of financial markets with the profound impact of psychological resilience.

I want to explore the themes from her latest book, Investing Psychology Secrets, and uncover the essential mental strategies investors need to succeed in today's markets.

We’ll also examine some unique analogies Louise uses to illustrate key concepts, such as comparing the challenges of investing to dealing with tarantulas and how this can help us understand our self-worth and investment success.

The psychology behind smart investing

In today’s conversation, Louise shares actionable insights from her book, "Investing Psychology Secrets," exploring how mastering one's mindset can significantly impact financial success.

Throughout the conversation, she touches on aspects of psychological fitness, resilience, and the importance of aligning investments with personal values.

  • How Louise’s new book, Investing Psychology Secrets, differs from her previous books Investing2
  • Importance of understanding investment psychology for achieving success in volatile markets
  • How investors can develop psychological fitness
  • Aligning investments with personal values and developing psychological resilience
  • What to look for in a mentor
  • The tarantula study and how self-worth affects our investment success
  • The biggest challenges of today's financial market
  • How psychological resilience has helped Louise in her investment journey
  • Role of psychological fitness in maintaining energy and focus in investing
  • Advice Louise would give to somebody starting an investment
  • Creating your own luck Quotes On Investing
  • Common psychological biases such as arrival fallacy and endowment effect affect financial decisions
  • How to overcome big losses
  • Where to get Louise’s new book
  • Encouragement to seek personalized guidance and mentorship for tailored investment advice

The insights shared in this episode will empower you to develop a resilient and growth-oriented mindset that will help you navigate the ups and downs of the financial markets.

Remember, mastering your mindset can be a game-changer in your investment journey.

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

“There are always reasons, there are excuses, there's the government or the education or the system, but those who actually have more self-worth and feel they're in control, feel they're the pilot of their life, not a passenger. They're much more successful.” – Michael Yardney

“I think most successful people I've come across believe their success is related to luck, but they also believe that they've created their own luck, and they've done this in a number of ways.” – Michael Yardney

“Don't allow yourself to be brought down by those hopeless emotions. Instead, allow other people's success to fuel your own fire.” – Michael Yardney


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