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[Podcast] Mark Bouris on Building Wealth | Lessons from a Titan

[Podcast] Mark Bouris on Building Wealth | Lessons from a Titan
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I have a very special episode for you today, where you'll hear Mark Bouris discuss what the Reserve Bank should think about when making interest rate decisions. My Podcast 574 With Mark Bouris

You're going to hear Mark Bouris explain how he keeps his wealth – and it's not what you think.

He's also going to explain the real reason you should build wealth now.

Mark was the guest speaker at our recent Wealth Retreat.

You're going to hear a portion of his discussion in this podcast today.

If you're not familiar with who Mark Bouris is, he is the executive chairman of Yellow Brick Road, but he established a successful career by building disruptive businesses to challenge the market and provide smarter solutions for customers, particularly in the area of finance.

He's well recognised as a leading thinker and in 2015 he was appointed a member of the Order of Australia.

So, you're going to enjoy Mark Bouris telling us a little bit about money, a little bit about health, a little bit about wealth.

Balancing business challenges and healthy aging with Mark Bouris

Listen in on this keynote speech by Mark Bouris, who unpacks the critical factors behind the Reserve Bank's considerations.

Mark provides insights into economic policy, from understanding the nuances of inflation using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to grasping the backward-looking nature of these figures.

He also discusses...

  • The critical factors the Reserve Bank considers when making interest rate decisions Increase The Interest Rate
  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics publishes and utilizes backward-looking inflation data
  • The concept of net zero interest rates
  • The persistent issue of inflation in Australia's services sector, driven by skyrocketing costs in rent, childcare, education, insurance, and fuel
  • How Australian GDP is calculated using the expenditure methodology and its broader economic implications
  • Advice for small business owners on managing wage-price pressures and boosting productivity
  • The importance of staying informed with reliable data from the RBA and ABS, rather than relying on media interpretations and commentators
  • The strategy of having constant, up-to-date, relevant knowledge
  • Execution risk and how it applies to you
  • The distinction between health span and lifespan and the significance of early detection and monitoring through advanced medical technologies
  • Proactive health management strategies for healthy aging
    • Setting clear functional goals Good Health
    • Examining where you have the most risk in a statistical sense
    • Medical networking
    • High-intensity exercise
    • Nutrition strategy
    • Building a sleep strategy

Remember, economic policies intersect with personal health.

In his speech, Mark Bouris provides listeners with actionable strategies to navigate financial challenges and improve their well-being.

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