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[Podcast] How interest rates are reshaping our property markets in 2024, with Stuart Wemyss

[Podcast] How interest rates are reshaping our property markets in 2024, with Stuart Wemyss
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Now inflation has been tamed and interest rates have peaked, many market commentators and property economists are updating their forecast for 2024.

While the media loves sharing short-term forecasts, the longer-term outlook is more important for investors as it better aligns with their investment horizon. My Podcast 545 Stuart Wemyss 03

Investors should consider where the market will be in 10 years, rather than where interest rates will be in six months.

However, in today’s podcast, I discuss the dominant influences on our housing markets for 2024 with independent financial advisor Stuart Wemyss, founder of Prosolution Private Clients.

We’ll break down the influence of inflation and interest rates on real estate trends, while also considering the broader implications of economic changes.

A deep dive into Australia's 2024 market trends with Stuart Wemyss

While understanding the market's technicalities is crucial, aligning your investment strategies with your long-term goals is equally important.

In today’s discussion, Stuart Wemyss and I explain the factors influencing the Australian housing market as we proceed through 2024.

  • The importance of a long-term investment perspective in the Australian housing market
    • Though forecasts for the upcoming year are interesting, focusing on where the market will be in a decade is more useful for property investors who will need a long-term strategy for best results
  • The significant influence of inflation and interest rates on real estate trends for 2024
    • Central banks want to cool the market Housing Market
    • Bonds are currently very volatile
  • The window of opportunity for investors amid market uncertainty
  • The concept of "immaculate disinflation" – the ability of central banks to tame inflation without causing a recession
    • The potential effects of immaculate disinflation on avoiding a recession
  • How a lack of stock has kept the markets resilient
  • How increased interest from homebuyers and investors looking to take advantage of the market before shifts occur drives demand for more supply, and what impact that has had on the market
  • Whether buyer demand or increased supply comes first
  • Rising rents will continue to fuel the trend of parents and grandparents helping younger generations who need to borrow
  • Property values will be higher by the end of the year but probably rise more slowly than they have
    • Perth and Brisbane appear to be doing well, while Melbourne has underperformed

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“Unless it's really worth fighting for, walk away from it and spare your energy.” – Michael Yardney


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