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[Podcast] Here’s a really weird but practical way to cope with stress, with Merv Neil

[Podcast] Here’s a really weird but practical way to cope with stress, with Merv Neil
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Have you noticed how everybody seems more stressed lately? My Podcast 402 A Weird Way To Relieve Stress 05

For many, it seems harder to be happier at a time when everyone seems to be more stressed because of the continual changes occurring.

It started with the uncertainties of Covid a few years ago, and for most of this year, the media has been scaring us with the bogeyman of inflation, rising interest rates, lower living standards, and possibly even a recession.

So, in today’s show, our focus is going to be a little bit different - we are not going to be talking about property – we’ll be discussing another important part of your wealth because my guest Merv Neal is going to teach you how to cope with stress.

Making time to laugh

In addition to its staggering impact on physical well-being and mortality, COVID-19 is also taking an unprecedented toll on our mental health.

Numerous recent studies have shown global increases in the prevalence and severity of depression and anxiety as well as increases in post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.

These increases likely stem from the changes to daily life we have all been asked to make in attempts to mitigate viral spread.

And then, if you’re in business or a property investor, the continual changes in the economy and negative

You’ve probably heard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you know that it’s the best prevention of illness, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually?

You’ll learn just how literally laughter can be a medicine as I chat with Merv  Neil, the Laughter (Yoga) Guy and the CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia and New Zealand.

After all the lockdowns and COVID crises, people are depressed, stressed, or apathetic.

People are also experiencing fatigue or chronic fatigue – they’re mentally exhausted as well as physically exhausted. In today’s chat, you’ll learn more about how laughter can be the answer.

Highlights from my chat with Merv:

  • Merv’s business career started at the age of 12. He set a goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 40, and he achieved that goal.
  • That lasted until he became seriously ill. At the time, the doctors told him there was nothing they could do for him, and later a doctor diagnosed him with haemorrhaging in the brain at the time. But he then developed a condition known as pathological laughter. The more he laughed, the better he felt. Eventually, he ended up getting better, and he credits the laughter for it – after all, the doctors told him they couldn’t help him. Friends
  • That experience led to him beginning his laughter yoga business.
  • Merv says his message is: choose to be happy
  • He explains more about Laughter Yoga Australia, as well as what the motto of mental wealth means.
  • Merv is also involved in research with Bristol University around the Laughie.
  • A Laughie, like a selfie, is when you capture an image of yourself. Instead of a snapshot, however, a Laughie is a minute-long video of yourself laughing

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Holistic Services Group. www.holisticservices.com.au

RUOK? If you have any concerns:

  1. Speak with a friend
  2. Call Lifeline 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 for 24/7 support

Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

“Since we can’t control the outside world, we’re going to have to learn to better control our reaction to it.” – Michael Yardney

“Now we’re left with something a bit like post-traumatic syndrome.” – Michael Yardney

“We talk a lot about property wealth and shares and business, but everyone who’s been listening to me over the years knows that I believe your true wealth is what you’re left with when you take all that away.” – Michael Yardney


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Great podcast, thank you Michael and Merv. Totally agree that people have the power to choose how they feel. Only gripe is Merv's issue with the word 'Lockdown'. Its a fine word! Nothing wrong with it, simple and direct in its meaning. "Health In ...Read full version

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