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[Podcast] Embracing the Present: Why this is the Best Time in History to Be Alive, with Mark Creedon

[Podcast] Embracing the Present: Why this is the Best Time in History to Be Alive, with Mark Creedon
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Today I’ll be chatting with Mark Creedon, and unpacking a somewhat controversial topic:

Why, despite all the challenges and problems we face today, this is truly the best time in history to be alive? My Podcast 464

I’ve found that in this fast-paced world filled with uncertainty, it's all too easy to get bogged down by the negative news and lose sight of the incredible advancements and opportunities surrounding us.

But today, Mark and I will delve into the many reasons why we believe that the present is a gift, and how it offers unprecedented opportunities for growth, success, and happiness.

Together, we'll explore the remarkable progress we've made in technology, medicine, and communication, as well as the increasing global interconnectedness that has fostered collaboration and innovation like never before.

We'll also discuss how we can harness these advancements to overcome the challenges we face, both individually and collectively.

Now even though the main focus of this podcast is property, really the underlying theme is success and financial freedom so, whether you're feeling weighed down by the world's problems or you're just looking for a fresh perspective on life, I really hope today’s show will be both thought-provoking and inspiring.

The best time to be alive

I recently read a quote from Elon Musk:

“If anyone thinks they’d rather be in a different part of history, they’re probably not a very good student of history. Life sucked in the old days. People knew very little, and you were likely to die at a young age of some horrible disease. You’d probably have no teeth by now. It would be particularly awful if you were a woman.” – Elon Musk

Like him or hate him I agree with him that despite the challenges we face, such as climate change, political unrest, and economic inequality, there is a strong case to be made that we are living in the best time in human history.

And I would like to explore why today with Mark Creedon, business coach to many successful Australian small businesspeople and entrepreneurs and host of the Mastermind for Business Podcast.

Technological advancements

Technological innovations have reshaped our world and significantly improved our lives in countless ways.

Here are a few examples:

  • Technology has never been better dash imagine living in a time before aeroplanes, cars, computers, electricity, fridges, Internet, phones, TV, and toilets - no thanks.
  • but if you think about it that's the way it was for 99.99% of human history. Today we live in the most technologically advanced time in human history which means we have access to the latest technologies to make our lives more fun.

Healthcare and longevity

Millions of people around the world are now living well over the age of 90 and 100+: Healthcare2

  • Over the last hundred years or so, we've made some incredible progress in science, medicine, and technology, which has really boosted the average human lifespan.
  • One of the primary factors behind this increase in life expectancy is the development of new treatments and vaccines.
  • In addition, improvements in sanitation, hygiene, and access to clean water have further contributed to the decline in mortality rates.
  • Furthermore, public health initiatives, better nutrition, and an increased emphasis on preventive care have played a crucial role in helping people live longer and healthier lives.
  • Medical research and advancements in healthcare have contributed to increased life expectancies and better overall health.

We have more options than ever before

  • Business options -
  • Career options
  • Entertainment options
  • Food optionsA Cheerful Senior Couple Travellers With Motorbike Djx9vxh
  • Investment options
  • Movie/Music/TV options
  • Payment options
  • Shopping options
  • Travel options – it’s never been easier to travel and see the world.

Poverty reduction

Efforts to reduce poverty have led to significant improvements in the global standard of living:

  • Economic Growth: Rapid economic growth, particularly in countries like China and India, has lifted millions out of poverty.
  • Social Safety Nets: Government programs such as cash transfers, food assistance, and subsidized healthcare have provided crucial support to vulnerable populations, reducing poverty rates and improving overall well-being.

Gender equality and women's empowerment

Gender equality has seen significant progress, with women experiencing greater access to education, employment opportunities, and political representation:

  • Education: As of 2020, girls' enrolment in primary education was nearly equal to boys', with a gender parity index of 1.00 Women working
  • Employment: Women's labour force participation has increased, though there is still work to be done to close the gender pay gap and ensure equal opportunities in leadership positions.

The lowest crime rate in history

Despite all the news about mass shootings, murder, rape, violent crime, etc. crime rates worldwide are currently at their lowest rate in history and they’re still dropping.

  • Wars: While the war between Russia and Ukraine continues and regional conflicts still occur, the number of large-scale international wars has decreased.
  • Homicides: The global average homicide rate has dropped from 8.1 per 100,000 people in 1990 to 6.1 in 2017
  • Violent Crimes: Many countries have experienced a decline in violent crime rates over the past few decades, due in part to improved law enforcement strategies and social programs aimed at addressing the root causes of crime.

Human rights and social progress

Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are definitely becoming less common, and as the world wakes up and people become more educated and less ignorant, fewer people are judging others on things like the colour of their skin, gender, height, or sexuality.

This greater awareness and activism have led to improvements in human rights and social progress:

  • LGBTQ+ Rights: The rights of LGBTQ+ individuals have significantly advanced in recent years.  39448346_l1
  • Racial Equality: Although racial inequality persists, progress has been made in addressing systemic racism through legislation, education, and social activism.
  • Disability Rights: Laws and policies promoting the rights of persons with disabilities have increased globally, leading to improved accessibility, inclusion, and quality of life.

Networking has never been easier

It’s never been easier to network, connect, or contact anyone in the world.

  • Each online connection can then easily lead to a face-to-face meeting, or even better, to a new friendship or business relationship.
  • It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook, yet social media only really started to become a thing about 16 years ago, around 2007.

But whether it’s the best time or the worst time…

While challenges remain, it's important to recognize the remarkable progress we have made as a global society.

However, it’s also important to realize that even though we’re living in the greatest time in all human history, with all of the opportunities and resources in the world, it’s not time, opportunities, or resources that make you successful, it’s you.

You can have all the opportunities and resources available to you in the world, but what good is it if you won’t take advantage of them?

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