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[Podcast] Crisis or opportunity? Don’t let the Housing Market Headlines Confuse You, with Ken Raiss

[Podcast] Crisis or opportunity? Don’t let the Housing Market Headlines Confuse You, with Ken Raiss
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Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about Australia's housing markets?

Well, you're not alone. My Podcast 582 Ken Raiss

A short while ago, Ken Raiss, director of Metropole Wealth Advisory, and I conducted a webinar, and even though there were well over 1,500 people registered for the webinar, I know the audience to this podcast considerably, considerably more than that, and so, therefore, I wanted to share it with you as well.

In the show notes, I’ll leave you a link to where you can watch the replay and see the slides.

We are going to talk about whether the housing market situation is a crisis – or is it an opportunity?

We're going to unpack the key factors shaping the current housing markets and where there will be opportunities to thrive.

We're going to talk about some proven strategies for making sound investments even when the market is unpredictable.

We're going to talk about protecting your investments and give you some predictions about where our housing markets will be in three years.

So, rather than making decisions based on fearmongering, this episode will help you make some evidence-based investment decisions.

Australia's housing crisis: supply challenges and market opportunities

From analyzing market trends to offering investment strategies, this episode aims to equip both seasoned investors and newcomers with the tools needed for successful property investment in Australia.

We leverage the latest CoreLogic data and an understanding of regional disparities to help you navigate the current property landscape. Housing Crisis 2

We also answer questions from our webinar guests on subjects you too may be wondering about.

  • The latest CoreLogic data highlights 17 consecutive months of market growth and significant regional variations
    • The markets are still moving up, but they’re slower than last year
  • Perth and Queensland's market boom contrasted with Melbourne's lagging performance
  • How Australia's housing supply challenges are driven by rapid population growth and migration
    • Impact of rising house prices on first-time buyers
  • The complexities surrounding new developments
  • Role of international students in the housing market
    • The potential implications of reducing student visas and immigration
  • The opportunities that exist in property despite severe challenges faced by first-time buyers and tenants
  • Transitioning from asset accumulation to living off passive income as one approaches retirement Investment Property
  • Whether it’s worth targeting yield over capital growth when you don't have the spare financial capacity to target a high-growth asset
  • The importance of choosing a quality asset
  • Be careful who you listen to, because most people are trying to sell, not inform
  • The practice of rent-vesting
  • Hybrid rentvesting

In closing, this episode provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of Australia's housing market, offering valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating and thriving in this complex landscape.

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Ken Raiss, director of Metropole Wealth Advisory

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Watch the replay of the original masterclass here.

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“So really, the opportunity to outperform the markets is one of the great things I like about property.” –Michael Yardney

“What I guess I'm saying is that if you believe that our population is going to keep growing and that we're going to remain a wealthy nation, that's will underpin property values.” – Michael Yardney

“I believe population growth is going to remain high, and there's no end in sight for our housing shortage, which means house prices are going to keep increasing, but not at the same rate everywhere.” –Michael Yardney


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