[Podcast] Breaking Your Wealth Barrier: Resetting Your “Wealth Thermostat” with Jackson Millan

[Podcast] Breaking Your Wealth Barrier: Resetting Your “Wealth Thermostat” with Jackson Millan

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In today’s podcast we're venturing into a fascinating area that intersects with both wealth creation and the human psyche.

We've all heard of self-sabotage, but have you ever wondered why some of the most intelligent and capable individuals hit an invisible ceiling in their property, investment, or business ventures? My Podcast #536 Psychology Of Success Jackson Millan

Why do some people, despite their knowledge and skills, only reach a certain level of success?

Well, today, we're diving deep into what I like to call your 'wealth thermostat' - a concept that suggests our early experiences and beliefs set a sort of psychological temperature for the level of wealth and success we're comfortable with.

Joining me today is Jackson Milan – The Wealth Mentor.

Jackson has a unique insight into how our childhood experiences and subconscious beliefs shape our financial destinies.

So, whether you're looking to break through your own financial barriers, understand the psychology behind wealth creation, or just curious about why we do what we do with our money, this episode is for you.

Adjusting Your Wealth Thermostat: A Blueprint for Financial Breakthroughs

Why are a few investors so much more successful than most of the others?

It has to do with something called loss aversion bias – a subconscious feeling, that once one has reached a certain level of comfort, they’ll do whatever it takes to protect it.

They can lapse back into discomfort from that level knowing that they can achieve the previous level of comfort again.

Getting away from that mindset and conquering that loss aversion bias is what allows people to get past that pre-set level of comfort and achieve greater success.

Highlights from my conversation with Jackson

  • 5 Stages of the Wealth Journey
  • The start of the journey is when you’re spending more than you’re making
  • The goal is to reach a point where you’re creating wealth, and then becoming a steward who maintains that wealth
  • The importance of mentors.
  • You can only go so far on your own, then you need people to model from
  • It’s crucial to make good decisions about who to listen to as a mentor
  • Tried and true wealth creation strategies are best – stick to the fundamentals
  • Most people aren’t taught about money and wealth creation
  • For many people, their early mentors were their parents, who may not have created much wealth themselves
  • The reasoning behind procrastination
  • Knowledge alone isn’t enough – some things can only be learned by doing
  • The importance of confidence

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“People don't mean to make silly decisions, irrational decisions, wrong decisions. It is easy for us to judge other people. We don't know what is going on in their mind or where their circumstances have been or where they are coming from.” – Michael Yardney

“People are trying to sell a secret, the secret to quick riches. In my words, it's a bit like selling tickets to see a unicorn. There isn't anything like this.” – Michael Yardney

“I guess what I'm telling you is your success journey is going to be a lot like that journey towards the ocean. You're going to have to endure the pain of your own success journey in order to realize success.” – Michael Yardney


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