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  1. A 95 page eBook – The Insiders Guide to Property Investing. Click here to download and receive tips from 7 property Australian experts.
  2. The Life Lessons of a Seasoned Property Investor – Hear as I share some of the most important investment lessons I’ve learned over the years. Click here to listen to this Audio Program now or download it for later listening.
  3. The 15 Habits of Successful Property Investors – Successful investors don’t necessarily do different things to the average investor – they just do things in a different way. In this extended Audio Program I share 15 traits all successful investors, business people and entrepreneurs share. Click here to listen now or download it for later listening.
  4. 6 Reasons most Australians won’t ever get Rich – despite living in one of the most affluent countries in the world, most Australian won’t become rich and most investors won’t achieve the financial freedom they deserve. I’ll explain why and what you can do about it in this Audio Program. Click here to listen to now or download it for later listening.
  5. How important is timing the property market? – Timing is one of the most misunderstood concepts with regard to investing. The truth is successful investors know how to create wealth at any point in a cycle. Click here to download.