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Over-rated work habits you need to ditch now

We only have so many hours in the day so why do some people spend it on tasks that won’t enhance their happiness or lead to success? Baffling, isn’t it? Lots of people work hard. They burn the midnight oil, put in long hours on group projects, or evenings catching up on email.  They’ll often…

Don't be a complainer | Jim Rohn

Complaining – There’s room for legitimate complaining, but if you let this deadly disease of attitude – complaining – loose it will conquer you.  Complaining can take over your life.   Destroy you and leave you without anything. Nobody wants to take along a complainer. Nobody wants to promote a complainer. Nobody wants to live with…

The daily, weekly and monthly routines to make you successful

So little success comes down to raw talent.  If I was to develop a success formula, I would say it’s hard work plus persistence plus positive habits – done over and over again.  Sticking to a routine is vital for success. They’re the habits that push us to the top because they make us more…

The 5 traits of a natural born leader

Born leaders are hard to find, but when you come across one, you know it immediately. While leaders’ personalities are naturally varied, there tends to be some reoccurring behaviours and traits that mark them out as born leaders. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to work with, or for, a born leader then you’ll know…

Success is easy, but so is neglect | Jim Rohn

People often ask me how I became successful in that six-year period of time while many of the people I knew did not. The answer is simple: The things I found to be easy to do, they found to be easy not to do. I found it easy to set the goals that could change my life. They…

How 6 Famous Billionaires Failed Before Succeeding [Infographic]

“Will I ever succeed?” That’s a question that we all have. No matter how far we’ve come, there’s always more to learn, more to invest, more to achieve. Why do we even have such doubts? If we try harder, we’ll definitely succeed, no? Well it’s not that easy. There’s another option to the coin: failure….

10 more transformative success habits

Success means different things to different people.  For some, success may be defined by having a happy family life, with ample time to spend with our loved ones. For others, their version of success might be based around wealth creation or career trajectory. But while success is mostly individual, there are collective transformative habits that…