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Find Some Shoulders to Climb On

Sixteenth century astronomer Galileo Galilei stood on the shoulders of 15th century astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus when he proved through his own experiments that Copernicus’ sun centered theory was correct. Sir Isaac Newton, considered the father of physics and calculus, stood on the shoulders of Copernicus, Galileo and Rene Descartes. Albert Einstein stood on the shoulders…

Build Your Wealth Like the Most Successful Building Tycoons [Infographic]

Every day, we pass through buildings, hop aboard trains, drive across highways, and traverse structures in our lives without stopping to think about what it took to build them. The developers behind these structures aren’t just expert architects and engineers — in many cases, they’re multi-billionaires who’ve not only built some of the most impressive…

How the top CEOS deal with stress

You’re feeling swamped. You don’t know if you can get all of your work done. You have a million people demanding your time.  Sound familiar? I write a lot about the importance of mental toughness, of hard work and resilience. But just as important as stamina and a strong work ethic is realizing when something’s…

What is the Value of a Mentor? Answer $4 million

Finding a mentor is like having someone deposit $4 million into your bank account.  Only 24% of the wealthy in my Rich habits study were fortunate enough to have had someone mentor them in their lives. Of this 24%, however, 93% attributed their enormous wealth to their mentors. The average net liquid wealth of the…

This is why the rich look for problems

Do you like having problems? Most of us don’t.  But I’ve notices that there are two types of problems:- The problems you think you have The problems you don’t think you have; Now stick with me and you’ll understand what I’m on about. You’ll find that most people are prepared to pay to get rid of their…

10 Inspiring quotes about the reward of taking risks

One of the most common traits that bonds people of great success and power, is their ability to take a risk. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, and wondering ‘what if’ , these trail-blazers are proof that with risk comes great reward. Here are 10 inspiring quotes by 10 exceptional risk takers: 1. Take the first…

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