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10 Success Habits Self-Made Millionaires Learned From Their Parents

I spent five years researching the daily habits and lessons that self-made millionaires learned from their non-millionaire parents. I share all of these habits and lessons in my book Rich Kids but thought I’d share with you ten of the most important ones: Success Habit #1 – Continuous Self Education  30 minutes a day of reading…

The professions most likely to go bankrupt

Why do people go bankrupt? And which professions are more likely to bankrupt. It may not be who you think… One of the largest registered bankruptcy Trustees in Australia, Aravanis has mined its data across 2017 and discovered that those with the following professions were more likely to go bankrupt than any other profession*: Managers (Sales, Marketing, PR,…

Forget Instagram. You do you

I’m sick of Instagram. I’m sick of comparing myself to everyone else I see there. I’m sick of thinking that #livingmybestlife has anything at all to do with what @Influencer123 thinks (aka, preaches). I’m sick of competing. I’m sick of flipping through other people’s photo streams and feeling envious about what I see. I’m sick…

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed?

Successful stories are everywhere in the media. Celebrities who are making millions of dollars a year, entrepreneurs who are kicking goals, and business men and women disrupting industries with their ideas and innovations. From the outside, it can look so effortless.  But just like talented sports stars make their physical feats look easy, talented investors…

Your goals won't make you happy

I’m as guilty as any workaholic gold star-chaser. I fixate on goals.  Lately, though, I’m seeing they’re not the answer. It would seem we’re hardwired to seek out destinations. We want to get over the horizon, climb our mountain and catch the view from the top. But why? Centuries ago, we worked to sustain our…

This is why the rich look for problems

Do like having problems? Most of us don’t.  But I’ve notices that there are two types of problems:- The problems you think you have The problems you don’t think you have; Now stick with me and you’ll understand what I’m on about. You’ll find that most people are prepared to pay to get rid of their problems…