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Rolf is Director of Metropole Finance and has twice been voted Australia's leading finance broker. He shares his wealth of knowledge about how to best use property finance to fund investments.
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Investing in property – a super idea

Australian workers have watched world share markets ride a hair raising roller coaster of ups and downs for some time now.

New Year’s Investor resolution – Build a buffer for 2012!

As the world watches the European debt crisis continue to unfold with nervous anticipation, investors would do well to remember that old boy scout motto – be prepared. And I would add – for anything!

The ANZ asserts its independence. But is it just a marketing ploy?

For the second consecutive year the big four banks, with the exception of ANZ, have come dangerously close to being seen as the Christmas Grinch. Sitting on their hands as the RBA dropped the cash rate by a further 25 basis points at their December meeting, all but the ANZ teetered dangerously on the brink…

When it comes to finance, never say never

One of the most disheartening prospects a home buyer faces is rejection. First there’s the possibility that the offer they put in on their dream home or ideal investment might be declined and of course, even more soul destroying, the chance that the banks will leave them high and dry with no money to even…

Bank policies change in the blink of an eye!

How quickly things can turn around when it comes to the world of finance. Banks are fickle institutions, making it nigh on impossible to borrow money one minute and then almost throwing it at customers the next!  Not too long ago, we were lamenting the fact that lenders were tightening the purse strings in the…

What impact will world events have on local interest rates?

With Australia’s economy now very much an integral part of the global stage, it’s expected that the tragic earthquake and Tsunami that has crippled much of Japan is likely to have some type of impact on local monetary policy when the Reserve Bank meets over the next few months. Then of course there’s the unrest…

Interest rates to rise in 2011 – but why?

Speculation as to when we can expect the Reserve Bank to make another move on interest rates has been rampant since the beginning of this new decade. Adding to the debate among economic analysts has been the potential impact of the string of natural disasters that occurred recently and Australia’s overall fiscal health. So what…

How banks assess your property investment loan application – Part 2

What exactly do the banks look for when processing your loan application? In this two part feature, Rolf Schaefer of Metropole Finance  walks you through the 4 C’s that the banks use to assess finance applications and explain how you can get them to approve your loan every time. In Part two of Rolf’s article…

Overcoming common borrowing hurdles

With memories of the recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC) still fresh in the minds of Australian lenders, it has become increasingly difficult over the past year or so to gain “easy finance”. Lending policies have been scrutinised and changes made to protect banks from a similar fate suffered by many major lenders in the US….

Little secrets about property investment loans that lenders like to hide

As a property investor seeking to make the most from your portfolio, every little aspect counts, right? When it comes to finance in particular, maximising your borrowing capacity, having the right loan structure and product(s) and saving money wherever possible are top priorities. So wouldn’t you like to know some of the banks’ secrets that…