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Peter Fritz is the founder of Midlife Tribe - a site that teaches midlife mastery to men and women who want to get control of their money, their time and their lifestyle so their ‘second act’ gives them a LIFE. He’s also a dad, a husband, an ex-husband; a photographer and outdoorsy guy. Visit .Visit

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Eight Signs You’re not a real Property Investor

A lot of people think they’re property investors, but they’re kidding themselves. Instead, they’re playing at being investors. I see this a lot with the self-employed, too.  They like to think they’re in business, but again, their processes, their mindset and their inability to scale their operations show they’re just ‘playing pretend’. Anyone who’s taken...
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Let go of your weaknesses

How much free time do you have?  Yeah, me neither. But ask yourself, how much of it do you waste trying to get better at things you’re no good at, like doing your taxes, writing reports or maintaining your yard? Or selling things, playing an instrument or cooking? You know you’re hopeless or lacklustre at some...