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Peter Fritz is the founder of Midlife Tribe - a site that teaches midlife mastery to men and women who want to get control of their money, their time and their lifestyle so their ‘second act’ gives them a LIFE. He’s also a dad, a husband, an ex-husband; a photographer and outdoorsy guy. Visit .Visit


The Era of the Fake Expert

Everyone’s an expert today. In relationships, business, marketing or investing, there’s a cast of thousands that’ll tell you what to do.  One of them is a guy I’ve known for 20 years. Let’s call him Phil. Hell of a nice bloke. But every time I see him, he tries to teach me something, like the…

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The Seasons of Life

When I was 10 years old, I knew I could be anything. My imagination ranged free and wild, unfettered by the harsh realities of what was to come.  My mum and dad had already lived through difficult times and operated from an entirely different perspective to mine. Likewise today, in their 70s and 80s, they…

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The Myth of Success

Most of us are trained to believe success is inexorably linked to the attainment of goals. But this kind of success isn’t enjoyed for long because that moment of attainment is fleeting.  We reach a goal and then it’s over the very instant it’s reached. Failure to replace the goal with a new one then…

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How do you want to die?

You’re flat on your back under a fluorescent light that flickers on and off. Either side are machines that monitor your vital signs through a dozen different wires and alternating beeps. Clothed in a gown that rides up uncomfortably and encased in stiff cotton sheets, you’re surrounded by family and friends who stare awkwardly about…

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This is Why You’re Still Broke

I used to have a spending problem. So much so, I treated junk mail like my personal shopping list, and deep down, I wished my life was like those photos you see on Instagram with dudes wearing fancy watches, in a driveway full of Italian exotica and a clutch of bikini babes draped all over them. …

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Who’s Stealing from You?

It’s incredible how busy we all are. Even six-year-olds are busy. My 80-year-old dad is busy. Every time someone asks me how I am, I say, “Busy!” I guess my dad’s version of busy is different to mine (his is 90% fun). But I’m wondering how the rest of us got to be so busy….