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Jeremy Sheppard is a keen property investor and a self-proclaimed property data “nutcase.” He is a guest columnist for Your Investment Property mag and creator of the DSR.

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Getting hot spots wrong

One publication investors should read upside down The Housing Industry Association (HIA) publishes a report listing the top residential property markets around Australia which they call “Hot Spots”. But they are not hot spots for investors. On the contrary, investors should probably avoid these locations. What is a hot spot? My definition of a hot...

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Worst advice ever I read a blog titled, “The 6 biggest property investment myths”.  You won’t believe the rubbish it was filled with. The introduction was ironic… “Misinformation can stop your property portfolio in its tracks. Make yourself aware of the most common investment myths to separate fact from fiction.” The blog then started off…


Statistical and Fundamental Research

When identifying locations in which to invest, the research an investor performs can be broken down into two types: statistical research and fundamental research. Each is performed differently and each has its own merits and shortcomings. So when should one use statistical research and when fundamental? Demand and Supply At the risk of sounding repetitive,...