Articles by Damian Collins

Damian is managing director of Momentum Wealth, a Perth based property investment consultancy firm. A successful property investor in his own right, Damian formed Momentum Wealth to assist time poor investors in building their portfolios and applies his many years of experience to help clients accelerate their wealth creation. Visit


Imagine an affordable, hassle-free investment in one of our major cities that offered a guaranteed rental return of over 6% and a long term lease with fixed annual rent increases. In cash-strapped times, this would seem an opportunity too good to miss. But, as always, there is a darker side. Welcome to the world of…


If you’re looking to buy an investment property there are some marketing traps that property investors should be wary of! You see… When it comes to deciding how to spend your property investment dollar, there are many options from which to choose, from established houses to off the plan apartments and everything in between.  …


Cross collateralisation is one of the most common mistakes made by property investors. But what is it and why should it be avoided? Cross collateralisation is when an investor uses more than one property as security for a loan. For example, let’s say Jane Doe wants to purchase a $400,000 investment property. Jane currently has:…

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